Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No No No to MCA Dr. Ng Yen Yen

Sometimes, I just wonder why some politician still don't learn their lesson! It looks like when credibility is gone, they might as well step down rather than trying to convince the crowd. If I am in that position, I do not know where to hide!
The politicians have in general forgotten the power of alternative media until 2008 election. Now, I think they are trying to control all the media but still, it is going to be a really rough journey. Only way out is to emerge from living in the dark to the light. Put right what has been wrong. They have 5 years to do that and I think they have failed miserably.

The current government has been giving political talk during this CNY at every possible opportunity. But will it work? Will the people listen?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mini video of Lutong from the bridge

Recently, I went to Lutong to have my car exhaust fixed. While waiting, I went over the Lutong bridge to take a short video and I also walked around the new yet to be opened MYY Mall to shoot some still photos. The objective is to let those who have not been to Lutong to see the development going on in the area.

For those who had been using Lutong road to go to work, you would be pleased to know that the road is finally made wider, a mini roundabout is built to replace the junction leading to Jalan Shell. The Shell station at Lutong is now replaced with a Petronas Station. Enjoy this 1.5 minutes mini video. Hope you like it.
  Now that my new camera is video capable, you may request me to shoot those areas you would like to see.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Her stunningly beautiful goldern pearl necklace

When the first lady (PM wife, Rosmah) visited Miri for the SUPP Open House on 20 Feb 2013, her huge necklace immediately drew my attention. I never knew that there is such thing as golden pearl until I did some research on the internet. Now, I know that golden necklace comes in different rating and the most expensive being large deep golden with a retail price tag of US$99K for 25 pieces! And I counted almost 100 pieces on her necklace alone.

At the beginning, I thought the pearls are gold plated! So you see, the colour is truly deep!
 Beautiful cluster of golden pearl necklace. The cloth pin and earring are both studded with diamonds!
 ok, go ahead and count!
 See the beautiful diamond studded watch and golden pearl ring. The colour for the pearl on the ring is magnificent (I mean to me, at least).
 ok, have a good look at the gem!
... and her watch.
How much do you guess would be the cost of the jewelry? My guess is about RM1 million excluding the watch.

Miss Chin Laid to Rest

This morning, Miss Chin, the teacher from Riam Road Secondary School (RRSS), was laid to rest at Lambir Chinese Cemetery.

A lot of students from RRSS came to the funeral from 8:00-10:00AM. The father of Miss Chin was grateful that so many students came to pay their last respect. The father also reminded his deceased daughter not to return to the school and appear to any more student, which may frighten the student.

It was rumoured in town that RRSS is haunted. I need to clarify here that the school is not haunted. Haunting  is done by spirit or ghost of unknown nature. This one is a once off case where a deceased teacher miss the school and students so much that she decided to come back for a visit. :)

May she rest in peace! Many students shall miss her teaching as I heard that she was a good teacher and well liked by students she taught.

CNY 2013 PM Visit to Miri

Last night, PM, Sarawak CM and other VVIPs  visited  Miri and a dinner for just over 500 tables were served to guest whose attendants, I think was an impressive 85%.

Of course, there were speeches, first by Dato Sebastian Ting, YB Chin, Sarawak CM, PM, etc. Of course this was a golden opportunity for a political talk with everyone emphasis on why we should vote for BN. Please refer to mainstream newspaper for details. However, my job is to show you photos for the event ...
 PM watched his short advertisement and he was so happy!
 Upon arrival and seated ... the beautiful and powerful!
 You can see that the hall is quite full.
 After the last event, presentation of gifts by the various organisations, to the PM for grants and donations, they left the hall...
 She looks tired and stressed. She was quite busy on the mobile during the evening.
 She is so cheerful ... I asked her to smile and she did!
 Did he lose weight?
 Her dress is definitely very nice!
Ah... I didn't realised that I have selected two of her photos. I knew that a lot of people have their lens pointing at her during the evening!

More photos my facebook.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Indonesian Maid Violently Tossing a Baby

The session court in Kuantan jailed this Indonesian maid, Yuliana, 24, to 20 years jail.
She pleaded guilty to the charge of attempted murder and physical abuse of four-month-old Mohamed Hareez Mohamed Zamri at his parents’ home in Kuantan.

I think this girl is probably unstable mentally.

However, looking at the above video makes me wonder why she is doing this thing knowing very well that the whole action was being recorded.

So, do you still think you can trust someone with your baby?

趣味定律 (Interesting Laws)

  1. 蘋果定律:如果一堆蘋果,有好有壞,你就應該先吃好的,把壞的扔掉,如果你先吃壞的,好的也會變壞,你將永遠吃不到好的,人生亦如此。
  2. 快樂定律:遇事只要你往好處想你就會快樂,就像你如果掉進溝裡,你都可以設想說不定剛好有一條魚鑽進你的口袋。
  3. 幸福定律:如果你不是總是在想自己是否是幸福的時候,你就幸福了。
  4. 地位定律:有人站在山腳下,而有人站在山頂上,雖然所處的位置不一樣,在兩人眼裡的對方卻是同樣大小。
  5. 沉默定律:在爭辯的時候,最難辯倒的觀點就是沉默。
  6. 動力定律:動力往往來源於兩種原因,希望或絕望。
  7. 受辱定律:受辱時的唯一辦法就是忽視它,不能忽視它,就藐視它,如果連藐視它也不能,你就只有受辱了。
  8. 愚蠢定律愚蠢大多數是在手腳或嘴比大腦行動還快的時候產生了。
  9. 價值定律當你擁有某一項東西的時候,你就會發現這種東西並不像你原來所想的那樣有價值
  10. 失眠定律開了電視睡得著,關了電視反而睡不著
  11. 人生定律:一輩子一盤棋,每一步都是自己走出來的。
  12. 談話定律:最使人厭煩的談話有兩種,一是從來不停下來想想,另一種是從來不想停下來。
  13. 慣性定律:任何事情只要你能夠堅持不斷去加強它,它終究會變成一種習慣。
  14. 遊戲定律:無論你保齡球打得多,每次玩都可能有一兩次全中,令你滿意。高興的下次再來。
  15. 指責定律:當用一個手指指責別人的時候,別忘了總有三個手指正指向自己。
  16. 旅遊定律:沒有比記憶中更好的風景,所以最好不要故地重遊。
  17. 備份定律:學會用左手做一些事情,因為右手不是永遠都管用。
  18. 時間定律:一分鐘有多長?這要看,你是蹲在廁所裡面,還是等在廁所外面。
  19. 尋找定律:有時候越是急著找手機,翻遍整個房間也找不見,靜下心來發一會兒呆,你就會發現手機一直就在左手裡。
  20. 合作定律:一個人花一個小時可以做好的事情,兩個人就要兩個小時。

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The now famous bus stop of RRSS!

So now that the news on Miss Chin "return" has been splashed over front page headline news in major local newspaper.
As usual, there was a lot of talk and some students are frighten and some not. Some claimed that this is nothing unusual! A devoted Buddhist said that it is possible.
Anyway, after hearing the testimony and from others, I know that people are not "seeing thing". It is possible. There are reported cases before. What is your thought?
This morning, I revisited the school, Riam Road Secondary School. This above is the now famous bus stop.
Fear not, although Miss Chin appears here, it does not mean that this place is now haunted. But the question remain, how often this kind of thing happens? Is it possible for the soul of people to appear in body form?
No one can comprehend what lies beyond the grave for the dead. As a Christian, Jesus told us not to worry about the dead but to let the living knows that our souls are precious and will continue to live on until judgement day. Jesus said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." I don't want to argue about this statement from Jesus. But we have all been warned!

Do you believe that there is life after death? If not, is the story about Miss Chin "return" just a form of, perhaps hallucinating?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Miss Chin "returned" to the school!

In a freak accident yesterday, a young teacher of Riam Road Secondary School, was apparently crashed to death by her own car. Full story here at See Hua Daily.
The story did not end here. Apparently, this morning, she "returned" to her school and was waiting at the bus stop outside the school gate. A transition (remove) class girl who arrived at the school gate at 5:30AM found Miss Chin calling her, not knowing that she was already dead, went over. Miss Chin gave this girl a hug and the girl found her a little unusual as her eyes (and face) were dark and hands very cold! Miss Chin then instructed her to come to the staff room later.
At about 7:30AM, this girl went to the staff room but Miss Chin was "not around". She returned later and looked for Miss Chin again. Then she was told that Miss Chin is "no more around"! BUT... she just hugged her in the morning!
Note that Miss Chin was close to this girl.
Ok, read the full story tomorrow by buying one of the Chinese papers. I think the news will be on all major papers! If I have any more details, I will update this entry.

(Update: This girl actually studies in transition class and not Form 1.)

Update: So the news was splashed over the front page of See Hua today:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Mechanic - clutch cable replacement

This morning as I drove my 32 years old Toyota GL out, I heard a sharp sound and my clutch paddle went "dead". Immediately I knew that the clutch cable was broken. Since, this is the sixth days into Lunar New Year, I don't expect mechanic to be working and beside, how do I drive the car there!? I went to see my favorite mechanic and he gave me tips on DIY clutch cable replacement. He told me that the hook at the clutch is broken as it is made from alloy. And true enough.... 
... the alloy head broke off!
The only disadvantage of DIY car parts is that I got myself very dirty. So, to remove all the black grease, I used some used cooking oil to dissolve the grease and then use some soap to remove the black grease from my finger.

So, the tips on clutch cable replacement:
Remove the old cable which is the easy part but remember to remove the cable clip (above photo) at the car chassis side as it will be reused;
Thread the new cable at the clutch paddle side first and connect it up (just hook on) to the paddle;
Thread the new cable through the hole at the engine body but first pull back the rubber seal (above photo). If not, the new cable will not go through the hole at the engine body;
Hook up the new cable at the engine end, remember to fasten to the engine block (which was removed from the old cable).

Next adjust the tension at the paddle side using the clip which double as stopper.

I hope the above is clear. It probably cost only RM5 to have this fitted by mechanic but for those with old cars, I suggest to have this cable replace before it breaks. The cable cost RM40 only.

Another thing to routinely check and change is the brake rubber tubing near to the brakes. This tubing may burst and cause brake failure anytime, especially in aging car of more than 8 years.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our PM Controversial CNY Advertisement

Our Malaysian PM, Ah Jib Kor, made this advertisement in the hope of capturing the heart of Chinese voters...
In the process and with good intention, he was criticized for doing something foolish. Anyway, I think it is a good try.
However, in the advertisement, an important Chinese character is wrongly written rendering it meaningless...
The above word is supposed to be written "吉", ie, the upper stroke is longer than the stroke below. My son told me that there is no such word. However, if I take the Chinese character apart, it now means soil over the mouth... which is bad luck indeed! Otherwise, "吉" is supposed to mean good fortune or good luck! How can the advertiser made such a mistake or is it deliberate?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CNY Celebration at Dato Sebastian Ting's Residence

This morning we went to Dato Sebastian Ting's residence to join him in welcoming the TYT's (Governor of Sarawak) arrival and visit. After introducing some of the important guests, they went straight to the reception.
TYT stayed for exactly 45 minutes and proceeded to visit other VIPs in Miri.

More photos, click here.

Anwar CNY Ceremah in Miri

I took some photos of Anwar visit to Miri last night (11-Feb-2013). 
 During his speech. He looks very worn out after a day on the road.
Part of the crowd.
In think about 1000 people came for the ceremah. There was no food served and no money given. Instead, donation will be collected! Yet people still come!
I left early as I was very tired also.
Click here for more photos on my facebook.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Oppa Cai Shen Dao - Gangnam Style Chinese New Year Parody 财神到 新年歌

Gimme gimme gimme more ang pow. I have no bonus now ... hahaha

Lunar (Chinese) New Year, 2013, Miri

Comparing to 2012, we definitely find the number of people at the night market to be overwhelming. And food is definitely not cheap either! However, one thing that is still free for me is to watch people playing ...
... firework. My son and myself went over to Krokop 9 to watch the above. Just in case you are interested to know how I shoot this firework: Mount camera on tripod, set ISO to lowest, Set Shutter speed to 4-8 sec and aperture to 8-22. You need to experiment to get ideal result.
Fish seems to be a must and just look at the price! It is beyond the reach of many people. I almost fainted seeing the price increased by at some 50-100%!
The price of tiger prawn is an amazing RM100-120/kg! But still people buy them.
See the number of people in the street. You can't even walk through! So, I gave up.
The usual performances at King's Street. It seems that the crowd was much bigger than previous year.

I have posted more photos on my facebook. Click here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Lunar New Year Blessing to you ...

“風調雨順” Wind and rain come on time in the new year.
“閤家平安” Peace be with your entire family.
“米缸常滿” Rice jar is always full.
“出入平安” Leave and enter in peace and safety.
“扭轉乾坤” to reverse from bad to good. (Turn the tide from bad to good)
“五穀豐登” the abundant grain harvest. (Bumper harvest)
“事事順利” everything go smoothly. (Every success)
“遍地黃金”Let gold cover the whole land. (Your land is paved with gold)

Happy new year!

Here is the pin yin version. You can even click on the pinyin and hear the pronunciation!