Friday, August 24, 2012

IEEE Electronic Exhibition, Curtin

This morning marked the official opening of the 2012 IEEE Electronic Exhibition at Curtin, Miri. 
 A famous local philanthropist, Mr Hii King Chiong  officiated the opening ceremony.
 Later, he toured around the exhibition boots.
Ah Jon, my son, has three tables of museum equipment for exhibition, ranging from the largest core memory ever made by Ampex, see picture above. This is probably the only such piece of equipment around in Malaysia. I actually have two of these but one had gone missing.
I encourage all students and anyone interested in electronic, do pay Curtin a visit (recreation hall). It will close tomorrow, Saturday.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Murder in Sibu. Is life that cheap?!

Price of life: Dead RM38,000 (US$12K), disability: RM28K (US$9K). Wait... apparently this was the price set by a young wife on her young (31) and successful husband! How pathetic!
Recently, there were a few murder cases in Sarawak, one each in Kuching, Sibu and lately in Miri. When I read the news about this particular case in Sibu, I was shocked to see the price placed on his head. The worst part is that, it was set by his wife as was reported in the news.
So, being a little nosy, I asked if anyone knew why she was doing this:
Version 1: The bank manager husband found that she had an affair with a car salesman. So he threatened the boyfriend and the boyfriend looked for someone to fix it!
Version 2: The marriage was on the rock and the husband sensed his life was in danger. So he willed everything to his own parents and only son.
Version 3: The husband willed everything to his parents and only son. The wife found out and was very angry. So, she decided to finished him off!
Anymore version from anyone?
Update, 24 Aug 2012
Now that 6 people had been arrested, police released 3 as potential witnesses. The wife, boyfriend and the young guy who carried out the killing are still in custody.
The reporter asked the three released suspects for comments. They said: "Greed and stupidity - 贪愚!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Haze, Smog, smoke!

Whatever you call this, the pollution is really bad in Miri. From the smell, I knew that this pollution didn't come from far, just a few KM away. What is our government doing about it? We have law but enforcement is simply nothing. However, when you park along white line, you will be issued with a compound and you are accused to park on yellow line!! No law here.
Last year, it was burning and burning at Asian Bridge and everyone thought that it was wild fire. Now, if you care to go there to have a look, it is now fully planted with crop. So, it is deliberate burning. I can bet that this is no difference!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Lin Dan beat Chong Wei 21-19 at the 3rd round

I don't normally watch games on TV but tonight, my three sons were very excited about the London Olympic badminton game played by two world's giants, Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. 
In Beijing 2008 Olympics final, Lin Dan dominated and claimed victory over Chong Wei. This time round, we all thought that Chong Wei will win. I personally think that he did a very good job and he really tried very hard. At the third round, the score was very close but finally someone must win. Lin Dan claimed victory again over our Chong Wei with a 21-19 score!
 Whatever, Chong Wei, congratulations. You definitely didn't let Ling Dan off too easily this time round.
And of course, congratulation to the all happy Lin Dan. You did China proud again.
By the way, someone dropped dead watching the game at a coffee shop in Kuching after the final score came out!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sin Siang Hai Furniture Fair

Just in case you are not aware, Sin Siang Hai is the largest single Furniture Mall in Malaysia. It occupies eight shop lots and I think it is 4 stories. In West Malaysia, there are many large furniture shopping complex but they are rented to individual tenant.
Sin Siang Hai is currently on 3 days furniture fair and sales and they do have very good bargains. So, whatever is your home requirement, do pay them a visit. Sunday, 5 Aug is their last day. 
 Perhaps this is their most hitech bedding set.
I called this Sara's corner as this is her "creation" and arrangement. All the accessories here is meant to transform your home!
To see more photos, click here.