Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo Reconstruction

Recently I was given a black and white and a colour photo to be made into a memorial style image to be printed. The reconstructed black and white photo is as below.
The finished photo is as below.

By the way, if you have photos which you like to be done like above, please do contact me by e-mail (williamting @ hotmail.com (remove space)) or phone (+60123020178).

Friday, July 20, 2012

When you are profit driven ...

I read the finding of the major breakdowns in Singapore SMRT this morning. And the findings are so familiar when a corporation is profit driven:
Quote: "A panel commissioned to investigate last year's train breakdowns criticised metro operator SMRT for prioritising resumption of revenue service over addressing underlying problems which caused the stoppage.

It also concluded that SMRT's metro system had been plagued by outdated equipment and poor maintenance for years, and the company did not have enough engineers capable of overseeing maintenance." unquote
Shareholder return, cut operating expenditure, maximise profit, reduce corporate "fat" (stay lean), globalisation, rationalisation, etc sound familiar?
They were recently fined S$2 million! 

Two more articles to read: click for the first and second article.
But back in Malaysia, do we have law to penalise such corporate wrong doing? Or to bring the issue closer to ourselves, do you regularly maintain your car, house or equipment at home?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jen Siow Beauty N Fashion Workshop

I went to the workshop last Sunday at Victor Studio, Shriro Malaysia, who is distributor of the world most advanced medium format camera, Hasselblad.
The lighting system used was from Profoto. The course lasted just one full day.
Click here to see a few more photos.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Portrait of a different kind

I took some portraits of birds, cat, etc, during my KL trip... To see more, click here.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Of smoke or haze

Whatever it is called, smoke or haze from the open burning, we were driven nut in Pujut. At midnight last night, the air was pungent and I almost had to use a mask to sleep.
The newspaper already complained that Sarawak still permit open burning... I am not sure whether this is true. But even if open burning is disallowed, I don't think the authority can do much judging from the number of hot spots around Miri.

This picture was taken at Lutong this evening at 6:45PM. The air is pungent again tonight!
More pictures click here.

2012 International Dance for Humanity

I missed a huge chunk of performances this year, especially those from my friend Kevin. Anyway, I managed to capture Cai Yun Fei fei ...
They did a splendid colourful performance. To see all the photos for the last 11 items, please click here on my facebook.
St Columba students also did a nice performance.. I called it break dance.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Miri Dance For Humanity

Remember, Miri Dance For Humanity , is on today at indoor stadium from 1PM! Be there! The schedule as below. Click for a larger view.