Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another job scam using Exxonmobil

This is another example of scam!

Very quickly, you will notice that his email address is using but there is no such website! Immediately this should raise questions and doing a quick google search would review that he is sending this email to many and is a scam!

Dear Professional/Expatriate,

We wish to use this medium to inform you that you are needed as an expatriate in the on-going oil/gas exploration in Qatar. Your profile and qualifications were found via Kindly send your CV/resume and certificates to back up your qualifications stated on your CV to us via email :

After assessment and proper scrutiny, you shall be contacted if we find your qualifications suitable for immediate employment.

Thank you.

Thomas Hardley
Head, Human Resources Dept.

Beware and beware of job scam...

I received job offers in the last one week. They look genuine but they are actually scam!! One from and this is a scam site! They use the email address:

How do I know that this is a scam? He signed off as:
Colston, Arlo
Adecco UK

BUT.... the reply email is No company will use an email address with different domain name, ie, job4u against Adecco!

If in doubt, do a search in google!

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If you are a skilled worker willing to live and work in the UK, Adecco can provide you with that opportunity.

Send us your Resume/CV in reply to this notice.


Colston, Arlo
Adecco UK