Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Typical Malaysian Drivers

Have a laugh... perhaps you are one of those?! BTW, I often ask the car in front to drive faster or move to the inner lane.... hahaha.

I like the car which can automatically park for you.

Horror accidents on video

As the Raya holidays is just days away and many people will be on the road to balik kampong, I just share this video with you to remind you to drive carefully! Most accidents can be avoided if you remember to check your car before setting out your journey, sleep well and if you are tired, stop your car at a rest point and take a short sleep.
Be safe and arrive safely. Your loved ones are waiting for your arrival!

Have a blessed Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends....

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Sin Siang Hai Annual Furniture Fair

Sin Siang Hai Furniture Fair for 2013 is even better than 2012!! Go over and pay them a visit. They have fantastic offer of up to 45% off during the fair only. Extra discounts are given by the vendors who were on site to explain to you about their furniture.
More picture, click here.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Brian and Pheobe Wedding

Last weekend, 29-Jun-2013, our church member Brian and Pheobe got married!
You may see some of the photos I took here.

Emergency Light From Cooking Oil

Power supply from Sarawak Electricity Board seems to be more stable but when there is a power failure, it seems that it is more widespread and lasted for much longer time. During the last Thursday (27 Jun 2013) outage, many scrambled to buy candle or dry cell, until the whole town went out of supply!
But is candle the only viable "emergency light"? What sort of fuel is readily available that we can use? I read from the internet about making light from cooking oil and orange core. So, I gave this a try...
During my childhood days, kerosene is always used for lighting. But as electricity is getting more readily available, this oil is getting out of fashion besides being expensive.
Emergency light using orange skin is very simple:
1. Half an orange. Only one half can be use!
2. Take out the flesh carefully and not breaking the center core (I think it is called pith).
3. Put in cooking oil.
4. Use a candle (or whatever) to light up.
Note that lighting up using cooking oil and a wet core is not immediate. It may take up to a minute.
Beside being an emergency light, it also emit a nice smell.

If orange is not available, any container and a holder for a wick will do. Perhaps, I will give suggestion on an easy to make emergency light in future.

One thing you can now do is to collect some used cooking oil for emergency lighting use.