Saturday, April 30, 2011

Riam Road Secondary School Food Sales Today

RRSS charity food sales at Merdeka Mall today. If you have the ticket and still haven't go, you are still in time!
Food and drink
Roasted chicken
More drink
For the girls
Clown ... go go go...!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

S.O.X. All-Stars Drum and Dance '11

On Sunday, SOX DRUM AND DANCE 2011 organised by Celcom attracted some 1000 audiences at the 3rd level of Boulevard Hypermarket. Seven teams from East Malaysia competed for an opportunity to go to KL for the finale. One team came all the way from Sabah, SM Shan Tao and another team from Green Road Secondary School in Kuching who came together with a bus load of supporters.
All-Stars Drum & Dance™, where the very best and determined high school cheering and drumline teams will compete to earn the bragging rights of being the country’s best, plus the GRAND PRIZE of RM5000!
Mr Wong of SMK Chung Hua Miri came with his award winning team. When asked how he felt, he replied that he felt very very proud and excited to participate in this competition. He has good reason to feel that way ...
... because his team was highly energized, and just look at his cheering team...
... they were the most noisy group. As the MC correctly said, they also cheer for other teams!
This team was from Green Road Secondary School in Kuching. They travelled some 800KM (16 hours) by road all the way from Kuching! Their team was about 40+ strong ...
... lead by two adults. When interviewed, Kester (left) said that he is very excited with the  competition.
MC Loco. He is a fantastic MC!
Panel of judges.
This team was from St. Columba, Miri.
... SMK St. Joseph of Miri.
... Green Road Secondary School, Kuching.
Highly lively team, SMK Chung Hua...
... the crowd gone wild!
This team was from SM Shan Tao, Sabah.
The SMK Lutong team.
Riam Road Secondary School
After the first round of competition, there was a break and these two entertained us with their most lively play.
SMK Chung Hua was declared winner and they are automatically qualified for KL competition.
Now... Team Challenge!
St Columba team "charged forward"!
SMK Chung Hua Team had been preparing hard and they wanted to perform the "challenge" for the judges to comment!
Again the supporter went wild. SMK Chung Hua did a very good job.
The judge gave his constructive comment which I thought was very good.
Celcom did a good job in promoting this type of event. It is something new, healthy, entertaining and promote creativity.

More photos cane be viewed at:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Most handsome visitor...

My two dogs were barking fiercely just now. I wonder what the commotion was about. They looked in the direction of the car park but I saw no one. Then I saw the little visitor on the ground.
This is not  the first time this type of fellow visited us. Ever since we move into this place, this must be our 4th encounter.
The big question now... what shall I do with it? It is one of the most poisonous snakes known to man. It is the baby king cobra! Any taker? Please let me know. Otherwise, I will have to bring it back to the river bank and set it free.
Someone suggested that I should courier it to laji...

The SOX Drum and Dance 2011 is in Miri!

The SOX DRUM AND DANCE 2011 is back with a new URBAN theme! And judging from last year’s highly entertaining competition, this year’s Drum & Dance is set to continue to be Malaysia’s largest inter-school challenge in drumline & cheer dance.
This is an event not to be missed, so get ready to be at the event to show your support for the S.O.X. All-Stars Drum & Dance™, where the very best and determined high school cheering and drumline teams will compete to earn the bragging rights of being the country’s best there is, plus the GRAND PRIZE of RM5000!

The event will be held at two places:

23 April at Kampung Sukan Petronas,Miri at 11:00AM
24th April at Boulevard Boulevard 3rd level, Miri, Sarawak  1:00PM-6PM (I just came back checking their booking record!)

To have an idea of what it was like for last year, see this:

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Government will pay 50 cents per e-mail

Read this:

Quote: In a radio interview yesterday, an official of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) said Tricubes Bhd, the company appointed to provide the service, would charge government agencies 50 sen per email.
That would be “cheaper than the RM1.00 printing, stationery, postage and dispatch cost of sending a regular letter”, Pemandu’s Dr Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek told BFM radio.

Email traffic will increase tremendously. In 1990, I receive a few e-mail a day. In 2011, I receive no less than 50 e-mails a day! It is free and a preferred form of communication. If I will have to send letter/memo, I will probably just do one or two per day. E-mail is like telephone call now. Worse, people send copies of e-mail to many parties.

At 50 cent per e-mail, there will be an excellent way to abuse the system. Tricubes can easily make more money by encouraging everyone to send more e-mail. The more they send, the more Tricubes could give them commission.

Read the full report at Free Malaysia.

May you have a blessed Easter

On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is typically the most well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches.
Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross. As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is commemorated on Good Friday, always the Friday just before Easter. Through his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus paid the penalty for sin, thus purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.
This morning Methodist Churches in Miri organised a combined worship at 8AM. It was at ...
Mega Hotel. Speaker was Dr. Su. The place was packed...
... with lots of people.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liar and more liar...

During election, the opposition is calling the BN liar and the BN called the opposition liar. Until today, the opposition is still being called liar because the promised change, or ubah, didn't materialise.

I attended the full ceramah in Miri attended by BN top/biggest guns, PM Najib, MCA President Chua Soi Lek and Dr. George Chan.

Najib went up to the stage and claimed that Anwar is not to be trusted and he lied. Anwar didn't even apologise for his failed attempt to become PM!

I am not trying to defend anyone here. But looking at the on-line news for the pass few days, I came to know this:

1. CSL himself is a liar - Worse, this is claimed by the ex-MCA president!

2. Now, we all heard about the 1Malaysia email for everyone above 18. Najib must be thinking that all the adult citizen will embrace him and thank him for such a wonderful vision. On the contrary, his idea is bombed. Now, he need to quickly retell the story and insisted that it exclude e-mail and social network. Did he apologise? I didn't hear him. Refer to TheMalaysianInsider for more information.

Haih... politicians are politician. That is why they are called politician! They are probably all the same.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is serious accusation!

This is a serious accusation! Read the article at SarawakReport and decide for yourself.

This is the testimony of the headman as per recorded in Sarawak Report:
“My name is Kuching ak Moyan and i am one of the headmen in Tamin constituency. In the just concluded State election, i was given three cheques, one for RM2,000, another for RM3,000 and the third for RM5,000 by the Barisan Nasional candidate, Joseph Mauh. I have cashed out the first two cheques, both for a total RM5,000 but the last one, for RM5,000, was bounced. So i sent it back to him and he promised that he will bank in the amount instead into my account. Up till today, i have not received the RM5,000. The three cheques were given to me on the 13th of April so that we will give our support to the Barisan Nasional. In the year 2006 State election, each voter here was given only RM20 but in this election, the amount was increased to RM50 per voter. There are 15 voters in this longhouse and all of them were given RM50 each. I think all of us have voted for Barisan Nasional. Ofcourse I know that the money the Barisan Nasional give to us would amount to nothing if the government grabbed our land. But what to do, we still have to vote for the government as the government has given us the money. Yes, i know we can just accept the Barisan Nasional money and vote for the opposition but since everybody else voted for Barisan Nasional this time, i decided to follow suit.”

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fancy This ...

The prime minister’s announced today that every adult Malaysian will be given a 1 Malaysia email account and it is going to cost taxpayer RM50 million!! However, after much online protest, Pemandu has clarified that the government will not be financing the 1 Malaysia email account and that it would not be made compulsory.

It seems to imply that Tricubes Bhd which is in danger of being delisted from Bursa Malaysia due to financial irregularities, will finance the project. But where do they get the money from?

It is understood that the account is also part of a new one-stop web portal for government services, which will include social networking features as well as online bill payment and citizen application facilities.

I have free top notch e-mail accounts from google and hotmail. We have top notch free Friendster and Facebook. Now, our PM think that this new product is going to be better than google and hotmail or he has some other agenda? What do you think?

Further reports can be obtained from The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini here and here.

Dramatic New Video of Japan Tsunami

Horrifying new video of the recent Tsunami in Japan.

Recount Denied - check this out

Last Saturday night in Miri Indoor Stadium.... SUPP won by 58 votes!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Taib is the most successful businessman in South East Asia?

According to latest Sarawak Report, our Chief Minister Taib is the most successful businessman in South East Asia. To read and learn more, click here.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interactive election results

For an interactive election result, click on this link:

For Miri, Dr. George Chan (Piasau) and Andy Chia (Pujut) both lost their seat.

Election Campaign 2011

Today, the state of Sarawak goes to the poll. Who will win, no one knows until this evening. I took quite a few pictures of the election campaign. I attached them here for your enjoyment.
Opposition asked for change. This poster is placed in the most strategic location.
Some from SUPP/BN
Opposition asked people to take any incentive money offered but vote for DAP.
Poster by SUPP/BN
BN Supporter
Vote for BN=vote for stability; Vote for DAP=Vote for lies....

Change... but Miri has already undergone big change!
Someone masked the face of the "emperor", etc. This one is by DAP.
Huge poster on the slope.
Promoting a healthy Miri....
BN posters had too many words!
These posters had too many words. No one got the time to read them.

1Malaysia, 1 heart dinner at Eastwood 15-April-2011

Tonight SUPP 1Malaysia, 1Heart dinner was ...
... held at Eastwood Valley Golf Club in Miri...
... at the restaurant on the lake. There was a total of 500 tables but I saw quite a few empty tables.
Big prizes worth a total of RM40K consisting of large LCD TVs, etc were given away to lucky winners.
To top it up, everyone was served with food ...
... and free flow of drink, like beer. They were all sponsored by someone.
I estimated 3500 attendees.
speeches by the prominent businessmen of Miri ... Datuk Lau
Performances ...
Speeches by SUPP big gun... I have to say that he gave a good speech last night.
The crowd...

Sorry that I didn't manage to take any photo for the DAP side. I was caught in the traffic jam but I know that the crowd was just as big as ever with everyone braving the rain.