Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liar and more liar...

During election, the opposition is calling the BN liar and the BN called the opposition liar. Until today, the opposition is still being called liar because the promised change, or ubah, didn't materialise.

I attended the full ceramah in Miri attended by BN top/biggest guns, PM Najib, MCA President Chua Soi Lek and Dr. George Chan.

Najib went up to the stage and claimed that Anwar is not to be trusted and he lied. Anwar didn't even apologise for his failed attempt to become PM!

I am not trying to defend anyone here. But looking at the on-line news for the pass few days, I came to know this:

1. CSL himself is a liar - Worse, this is claimed by the ex-MCA president!

2. Now, we all heard about the 1Malaysia email for everyone above 18. Najib must be thinking that all the adult citizen will embrace him and thank him for such a wonderful vision. On the contrary, his idea is bombed. Now, he need to quickly retell the story and insisted that it exclude e-mail and social network. Did he apologise? I didn't hear him. Refer to TheMalaysianInsider for more information.

Haih... politicians are politician. That is why they are called politician! They are probably all the same.


Sir sc said...

Uncle William;

politician in malaysia are good liars but stupid in hiding their facts & reality; same goes our Malaysia media; blunt stupid. They dont know how to deffrentiate x n y...truth n false.

scummgrog said...

I think all politicians (or most politicians) start with good intentions. Then they either become power hungry, self absorbed or listen to bad advice.

Politicians are humans. But humans are also humans. =)