Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are you a fresh graduate and interested in O&G training?

Technology Specialist in Specific Domain Expertise (TeSSDE) is a structured 9-month program, designed to prepare new graduate engineers for working in specific high technology and high-impact industries. Working closely with industrial partners, this program seeks to accelerate the learning of engineers by providing access to industrial-relevant training and support for them to stay aligned with the current development of human capital in these industries.


To find out more, click on the link here. Make sure you download the pdf file and find out the requirements!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Forgotten History of Sybil Kathigasu

Sybil, a heroic woman freedom fighter for the then Malaya against the Japanese. She became the only Malayan woman to receive the George Medal for Gallantry, a high civilian honour given by King George VI. But alas, the Malaysian history mentioned nothing of her and others like Sgt Hassan, Lieutenant Adnan and Iban hero Kanang.

Do read up more about heroes like her... the story is very touching! Or just watch the video below:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We need your vote to give our Miri boy a chance to go into space!

Indeed, this is a chance of a lifetime and a chance of a lifetime for you to be able to vote for Anthony Vue, our local Miri boy, currently studying in Belfast Queen's University, for his challenge to beat the rest of the four contestants in Malaysia to represent Malaysia.
His facebook name is Ishyhara Rio and make sure that you don't vote the wrong person!

If you wish to know more, continue reading below:


Lynx is offering the chance to travel into space with the launch of its 2013 Lynx Apollo range.
The Unilever brand is looking to put the Lynx Effect into orbit by giving people the chance to win place on a space trip, in support of the launch of its new 2013 fragrance. 
There will be 22 places up for grabs globally, with the competition running in 77 countries around the world.. 
Entry was done through the website. The top voted candidates will go forward to the Lynx Space Academy for a challenge weekend in each national states respectively, whittling down the candidates with a further Global space camp in Florida before the final winning astronaut is picked.

The stages:
Stage 1: Online voting through
The link is the following:  (This voting link was done/ finished)
(Each country will select different number of candidates to compete at National level depending on the size of the country.)
e.g, UK will select top 200 voted candidates to compete in the UK
(Top 3 to compete in global space camp)
       Malaysia will select top 15 voted candidates to compete in Malaysia
(Top 1 to compete in global space camp)

Stage 2: National Space Camp starts where candidates compete in their own countries respectively to select representatives to compete in Global Space Camp in Florida.
In Malaysia, 28/9 - 30/9,
Physical, Mental and Personality test was done on candidates
40% - Physical + Mental
30% - Personality (interview and relationship with staffs and friends)
Then, Top 5 will be selected to enter round 2 for National competition,
Top 5 will have to compete to conquer for the final 30%
30% - Online Voting (Marketing/ Publishing technique)
(Current stage) 
1. Or Go to Ishyhara Rio Facebook Page
2. Click in the 1st Wall Post: AXE Malaysia Link
3. Vote for Ishyhara Rio

Finally, of 100%, the top mark will be selected as top 1 to represent Malaysia to the Global Space Camp.

Stage 3: 150 Candidates from 77 countries will compete in Florida for Global space camp, where proper astronaut training will be done. (e.g., jet piloting, G-force, Anti-gravity control)
Stage 4: Top 22 Candidates in Global Space Camp will be selected to represent respective countries as astronauts being launched into space.

Global Space Camp trainings
·  Take Off - A flight in a L-39 Albatross
MKII jet that travels at twice the speed
of sound
·  Zero G - A parabolic flight that recreates the weightlessness of space
·  Re-entry - A centrifuge machine that
simulates the same extreme G-Force
astronauts are exposed to
during landing.

Thank you very much for your time,
Anthony Vun Choon Wei (Ishyhara Rio)
MSci in Physics with Astrophysics

Queen's University Belfast