Saturday, June 07, 2014

Pain,you have such experience?

For more than three months, I was down with chronic pain on my shoulder and later spread to my arm. X-ray showed that I have disc problem in my neck.
Unless you have suffered such pain, which I hope you should never, you would not understand it. When people shared with me about their pain, I can only pity them and not knowing how to help them.
I went to do physio in GH and one of the therapists there understands it. She pressed "here and there" and my pain dissipated but return again later, but with less intensity. After a few visit, the pain is completely gone.
I asked where she learned this art of "pressing the points", she simply said, it is from the internet! Ok, for those who are more interested, there are a couple of books about this type of pain I am suffering from. Just check out "Trigger point" in google. There are two famous "Red Book". Just in case you are really interested, click here for the book title in Amazon.