Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to choose a durian

I have seen different people with different ways of choosing durian. Some of them hold the durian with both hands and shake violently to hear if there is any "knocking" sound. This is a good way to determine whether the during is ripe or not.
Then there are others who scratch (or stroke with nails) the durian skin and try to hear the sound "reflected". Again, this would require a person with good hearing.
My method was taught by my late mother who was an expert in choosing durian because behind the house was a small durian farm.
1. Look at the durian. Is the colour good, ie, fresh or not
2. Is there any obvious "holes" "drilled" by worms or not
3. Pick up the durian and check whether it is heavy or not. The lighter the better. Here, you need a little skill after a few errors. Lighter durian means thinner skin and smaller seed, thus more flesh.
4. Hold the durian with both hands and smell the bottom part. Make sure that it is clean. If you can smell a sweet aroma, the durian is guaranteed to be rich in flesh and taste good. This will also ensure that the durian is ripe.

I believe that the durian must smell "good" if you really want a good durian. However, if you want to forego the "smell" test, you can just "shake" to ensure that it is at least ripe.
A note of warning: Using my method, you won't be able to select many durians from a heap!


One afternoon a wealthy lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass.

Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.

He asked one man 'Why are you eating grass?'

'We don't have any money for food,' the poor man replied. 'We have to eat grass.'

'Well, then, you can come with me to my house and I'll feed you', the lawyer said.

'But sir, I have a wife and two children with me. They are over there, under that tree'.

'Bring them along,' the lawyer replied.

Turning to the other poor man he stated, 'You come with us also.'

The second man, in a pitiful voice then said, 'But sir, I also have a wife and SIX children with me!'

'Bring them all, as well,' the lawyer answered.

They all entered the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limousine was. Once underway, one of the poor fellows turned to the lawyer and said, 'Sir, you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you.'

The lawyer replied, 'Glad to do it. You'll really love my place; the grass is almost 1 metre high!'

Lesson : Don't trust kind lawyers!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

King of fruit

It is the king of fruit (durian) season again. This year, I was told, is going to be a bumper crop again, ie, plenty of fruit everywhere.
To most local, durian is simply delicious. No fruit can beat this. People is known to pay high price for some really good fruit or they travel great distance for the fruit. But to the foreigners, ...

...this fruit smell awful! Maybe yes, maybe no... because some foreigners actually love them.

The fruit comes in different skin colour. The taste and texture of the flesh are also just as varied.

The taste could be simply sweet or bittersweet ... that is what a lot of people like.

Well, this child is only one year old and he already loves durian...
Next time, I am going to teach you how to select durian!

Don't simply say "BOMB"

I read this news item from News Strait Times.

At any airport or aircraft, don't ever say the word "bomb". It could lend you in jail for life or in serious trouble.

MAHB operation services senior general manager Datuk Azmi Murad:
"He strongly advised passengers not to make indiscriminate remarks about bombs at any airport or while travelling in any aircraft, anywhere in the world, to avoid getting into trouble."

Now check the following ....
It was learned that a Malaysian women who was returning from Jeddah, several months ago, was jailed for three months for telling the steward that "It is not like I have a bomb in my bag", when a flight steward asked her why her bag was so heavy.

The woman served her sentence in Singapore as the offence was said to have been committed at the Changi International Airport.

Azmi said recently, a passenger in Sibu, Sarawak, had his luggage blown up by airport security after he jokingly told them he had a bomb in his bag.

Another reported incident took place in Sydney where a pilot was let off with a serious warning when he noted to his co-pilot at the security-screening counter that his spectacles case looked like a tiny bomb.

Warnings like, "Dangerous four-letter word: Do not utter the word bomb in the airport at checkpoints" as well as "Do not use the word bomb even for private conversations in airport although the law only applies to saying it in public, particularly to security officers", have been placed at many airports worldwide.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boys' Brigade Recruitment

Grace Methodist Church organised a Boy's Brigade recruitment today. To all readers of this blog, please enroll your son or daughter (for girls' brigade) for this very good activity for your children. The best part is that is it still free. Actually the church pays more than RM100 per year for each member. So, we actually sponsor for this. I don't know whether a fees is to be collected soon. Whatever it is, instead of sending them for tuition, send them for this... to learn discipline and growth mentally and physically. This investment of time will be a reward of a lifetime.

Please come for our open day!

One of our captains... Ms Margaret

A brigade member, Egbert Lau

Captain Andy Chew explained the activity to a church member, Apit.

Shell Hari Raya Open House

Food... food... food... everywhere is food! That is one of the good things about open house! It is a time for fun and chat and meet your friends.

Add ImageI just realise that all my boys love the fruit (buah Salak) on the left. Thanks to my reader who gave me the name of the fruit. Looks like assam!

All time favorite - Satay!

Looks like noodle, and yet it is not. It is called roti jala - a lacy Malay pancake eaten with...

... chicken curry, it tastes wonderful! Unfortunately my tummy is limited in size. Otherwise, I could have consumed a pot! Thanks to my reader who gave me the name of this dish!

The children enjoyed themselves ...

Kuih lepis ... layered cake. This cake is very tedious to make.

The two balls are kuih mo mo... simple to make... flour, sugar, butter and ghee. Kuih mo mo is a local favorite too.

Food... more food!

Their costume looks great... Hari Raya is a happy occasion. A time to forgive as well!

He is from Perak and played the bagpipe. Special invitation. His costume is first class!

Festive Open House - Hari Raya

Shell just celebrated the Hari Raya open house today. While some of the politicians in Peninsula Malaysia are talking about racial problem, I think the general public never have problem. This is evidence during all the "open houses" we have here. Anyway, I am suppose to show you photos of today's celebration instead of talking political crap.

YB Lee was greeted on arrival.

A group photo with the VIPs.

Many people came for the celebration. Food was plentiful and good.

Some of our media friends... Alex Ong from RTM and others.

Sim Poh Giap and his friends...

My colleague Ismail and his wife...

Our MD and colleagues have a good times...

Art from USA and Jerry ... I hope Art likes the local dishes.

Haha... mummy, Timmy and Jos...

Performances ... they did a good show.

Another performances.
p/s: I don't have time to touch up my photos here. So they are straight from the camera, resized and post. Hopes you like them.

Our Newest Dato

MD of Shell EP, Lutong, Mr. Wee Yiaw Hin has been awarded "Dato" during the birthday celebration of Sarawak's Governor yesterday.

Congratulation, Dato Yiaw Hin. We are proud of you!

Lutong Town - what is left after a fire

Lutong is perhaps synonymous with Shell and Petronas Carigali. To the outside world, it is perhaps only a name which didn't mean much other than the companies and opportunities. Many probably didn't realise that there are a couple of rows of shophouses. When I first arrived to work here in 1981, there are just three rows of wooden prewar structures. Then over times, they were replaced by concrete structures with only one such "original" structure left.

A fire broke out in the early hours of 25th Oct 2008. It destroyed five of this row of eight shops. I know that one of them is a "coffee shop". I can't remember the rest as I seldom went there.

Perhaps a sepia picture gives a better effect... to show how old they were!

On the left is a rebuilt from the old wooden structure, ie, the newer part of the town.

With the exception of the top two photos, these three photos were taken with me standing in front of the only Shell petrol station.

Looking across the petrol station is the newest part of Lutong town. Along the far right row, is where a few coffee shops are situated... Lutong Cafe, etc. The new Harmoni Clinic is behind these two rows.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Taking care of your rechargeable batteries

I am amazed by the modern rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery. I once have a set of freshly recharged battery but when I wanted to use them 2 weeks later, the power was gone!! So, I read up about this battery and summarise it here so that everyone can use it properly without surprises ... haha... maybe more surprises!
  1. Do not completely discharge NiMH battery. Otherwise it may cause permanent damage. This means that you must not store this type of battery! So, don't leave your camera, handphone or whatever without use for a prolong period.
  2. NiMH battery has high self-discharge rate. On the first day, the discharge is 5-10%. Then 0.5-1% everyday after that.
  3. You can recharge as often as you wish. Unlike NiCd battery, it does not have "memories"
  4. You must use NiMH charger otherwise permanent damage will occure! This is due to the different charging characteristic of the battery.
  5. You must recharge all the cells and use them together. Don't mix cells, eg, some used and some freshly recharged. It can cause permanent damage.
Ok, I think the above are just summary. To read more goto wikipedia.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today I lost my handphone

When I was about to go home today, I realised that my handphone was not in my pocket. Immediately, I reached for my lined phone and call my number.... my hp line was dead! So it is now consider lost. For the time being, please call my other line if you need to get in touch with me. Alternatively send me an e-mail. williamting @

Sorry for any inconvenient!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prophetic Healing Conference

Ps Hendrik Wieland is a very anointed pastor. There were so many healing tonight. People of Miri has been blessed!

Ps Hendrik called me on Thursday afternoon requesting to see me. I have been wondering how could he possibly knew my name since we never met but I forgot that he is also IT savvy! I think it must be a day before he came over to Miri, I noticed someone google for his own name + Miri. I suspected that it must be Ps Hendrik himself checking out the preparation in Miri. But I quickly dismissed the possibility because someone who is doing work for the aborigin in Indonesia cannot be IT savvy. Oh... how wrong I was.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Under Pressure!

We are pressed... but not... broken.
2 Corinthians 4:8 TLB
Do you feel like you're in a tunnel with no way out? Rejoice, you're positioned for a miracle! Paul said, "We are pressed on every side by troubles, but not crushed and broken. We are perplexed… but we don't give up and quit. We are hunted down, but God never abandons us. We get knocked down, but we get up again and keep going" (2 Cor 4:8,9 TLB).

A certain amount of pressure is necessary to release our faith, and God knows exactly how much to apply. He allows us to get to where: (a) We've exhausted our own resources. (b) We're tired of Satan stealing what God says is ours. (c) The opinions of others no longer control us. It's the place Hannah found herself in when she prayed in the temple, "In distress of soul… and weeping bitterly" (1 Samuel 1:10 AMP). She was under such pressure because of her childless state that when she began to unburden herself before God, the church hierarchy thought she was drunk. But when you're desperate, you're not overly concerned about blowing the minds of religious onlookers; your only concern is touching the heart of God.

With God there are no hopeless situations, just people who've grown hopeless about them. Real faith comes into its own when push collides with shove. After all, you don't need God to part the Red Sea when there are bridges all around, right? It's when there's nothing you can do to avoid the inevitable that you start trusting God to do the impossible! So the crisis you're experiencing today could be a blessing in disguise - an opportunity to experience a greater degree of His power at work in your life.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

PBC 2008 Triathlon

The PBC 2008 Triathlon was kicked off this morning at 6:00AM. This blog will eventually provide the links to all the photos for the triathlon. So, please do come back for the links and also to see more photos. The photos are currently being uploaded. Please click here for all my photos. And more from Brian ... just click here also.

More photos from Terrick, Malcolm...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pile post surgery management - my experience shared

I search the internet and found nothing on this topic. I asked my doctor yesterday and he told me that no patient would share their experience as they consider it too personal. However, I view this otherwise and would like to share my experience so that others will benefit.

This was what had been removed from me!
First, after this type of surgery, many people need sick leave for 7-30 days! For me, I didn't take a single day off! I thought this surgery was so simple that it shouldn't cause any problem. But this is partially true and partially false... depending on whether you know how to manage it.

Removing piles actually introduce open wound in the rectum and that faeces will rub on this open wound when you are using your ass hole daily. Actually this process itself did not cause much problem. But the aftermath may bring nightmare! The rectum will go into severe spasm (or pain) after roughly 2 hours. At that time, neither sit nor stand will relieve your pain. I felt like having a rock in my rectum. ok, fear not because my shared experience will relieve you of any pain.

1. Make sure that the diet consists of high fruit content. Pineapple is the best as this fruit contain anti-inflammatory property. Dragon fruit and papaya are also very good. Avoid guava and if you do take, you must not take the seed.
2. Avoid spicy stuff, eg, curry, chilli
3. Make sure that you drink at least 3 liters of water daily
4. Whatever you eat, eat slowly and bite well. You must never swallow bit and pieces of hard indigestible "food", eg, seed, bone. If you do swallow them, the rough bit will actually scratch the wound and cause much damage to you.
5. Drink plenty of fruit juice (about 500 cc/2 cups) rich in natural vitamin C. I took Dewland Orange Juice from South Africa. Vitamin C assists in healing.
The idea here is to ensure soft and smooth faeces and that you don't need to push when you are doing your business.

Shit business
1. Get up early in the morning and drink two cups of water
2. Go to the toilet when the urge demands it
3. Let the natural bowel movement takes it course rather than push
4. After you have finished, make sure that water (I prefer hot water) is used for cleaning instead of toilet paper
5. Sit and soak your ass in a basin of brine. I found that the western doctor suggested cold water. Chinese tradition always suggested warm water. I strongly recommend rather hot water (applicable for point 4 above) . Somehow, the hot water soothes the pain and helps healing. Later, I found that it was better not to sit inside a basin but use a small basin with the circumference just big enough to support your buttock, ie, not applying pressure on your ass. You sit on the basin touching the brine instead of sitting inside the basin.

Pain Management
Some two hours or less after your shit business, the rectum will go into a spasm and you will experience great pain. Don't panic! Just follow this instruction here... go to the toilet and sit down. You will find that the rectum will squeeze so hard and will excrete a little of the faeces out. I found that this little bit of faeces is the culprit in causing pain/spasm. Therefore, whenever the pain starts, could be every 2 hours or less in the morning, you just go to the toilet and let the body rid itself of all the waste.
The pain will disappear in minutes. Do this as often as required, ie, whenever there is pain. In my case, I usually need to relieve myself only once after the first instance. At most, I need 2 more times.

I was fully recovered in about 25 days. If I knew about the above, I think my recovery would be even faster. As a benchmark, my colleague stayed in hospital for 2 weeks and another 2 weeks of sick leave. A friend of mine had his surgery, spent over RM10K and was still in great pain after three months. He finally went to China to have a corrective surgery. He said that China has special preparation which the doctor would apply on the wound. There was no pain, and the wound dried up completely in 7 days! From a layman point of view, this means that the Chinese has better technology.

One last note, for those who are using toilet paper to clean up, I think it is high time to change to water for better hygiene especially if you have piles.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping your marriage Vibrant
This fantastic seminar is going to happen next week end. Please sign up now to learn how to keep your marriage vibrant.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hari Raya Open House by Aris
The beauty with our Malaysian culture is that we have "open house" during festival and the host will invite guests irrespective of religion and race. I would say that we never have race problem. It is so nice to live together in such a diverse culture!

So, last weekend, our colleague Aris had his open house.... He prepared so many different dishes and the most special one is his Kelantan special!

Rice wrapped in leave ...

Satay... everyone simply loves this!

Curry beef.

Curry chicken

Salted egg ... part of the Kelantan special

Stuffed chili

Fried chicken. I think this is marinated with curry.

Another chicken dish

The beauty is that you meet people whom you know...

... and meeting colleagues whom we never knew they were in the office.