Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hari Raya Open House by Aris
The beauty with our Malaysian culture is that we have "open house" during festival and the host will invite guests irrespective of religion and race. I would say that we never have race problem. It is so nice to live together in such a diverse culture!

So, last weekend, our colleague Aris had his open house.... He prepared so many different dishes and the most special one is his Kelantan special!

Rice wrapped in leave ...

Satay... everyone simply loves this!

Curry beef.

Curry chicken

Salted egg ... part of the Kelantan special

Stuffed chili

Fried chicken. I think this is marinated with curry.

Another chicken dish

The beauty is that you meet people whom you know...

... and meeting colleagues whom we never knew they were in the office.

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