Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Home Lighting Centre

A new home lighting centre, Sheng Cheng Lighting, open its door for business a week ago. This is in time for Chinese new Year. They have a nice collection of home lighting.

Do drop by to have a look at their collection.


Frank Ting, 013-882 8118
Lot 622, Jalan Duku, Pujut 3, 98000 Miri
Tel: 085-628118

Opening time: Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm; Sunday 9am-2pm

They are situated just after Pujut 3, Miri-Pujut Road and they are visible from the main road.

 More lights waiting to be hang.

Smiling sales force with friends, waiting to serve you!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Most deserted shops in Miri

These three blocks of shops are between the immigration of Miri and Brunei at Sg Tujuh.

They must have been there for two years now ... I can't really remember. The interesting point is that these shop lots are originally before the Sg Tujuh immigration checkpoint, ie, on Sarawak side. But the new immigration checkpoint is now built quite far from the old checkpoint, hence making these shops sandwiched between the Sarawak and Brunei immigration checkpoints. So who on earth is going there to shop?

Laughter's the best medicine

This sign along the new road construction at Senadin is probably done intentionally!  
Someone probably tried to say "Me At Work" instead of "Men at Work" and then forgot the space. So, it became Meat Work which I wonder what sort of meat is capable to work!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Miri Skylines

I have been so very busy over the last 10 days that I didn't realise I have not been updating my blog! So, here it is... skylines of Miri.

 Picture on the wall...
 Changing skyline of Miri with the addition of Meritz Hotel on the right.
 The Petroleum Museum at sunset.
This restaurant has been there for quite sometimes.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Humour from Google Translate

I am not good in Chinese. So, I tried Google translate hoping to cut and paste all the relevant Chinese characters to make up a proper sentence.

So here it goes and have a good laugh to lighten your heart:

He fries very well 他薯条非常好 (Something like "He is an excellent French fries")
With one grammatical error, I entered:
He fry very well 他炒得很 (He fries very .... incomplete translate. So, I change a bit)
He fry very good 他是非常好的鱼苗 (He is an excellent fish fry (baby fish))