Sunday, March 31, 2013

Surprising Heart Attack Risk

Heart Attack risk for men, watch out these signs:
  • Receding hair at the temples
  • A bald spot at the top or back of the head
  • Diagonal earlobe creases
  • Yellowish fatty deposits on the eyelid (known as xanthelasmata)
Watch out for the following problems also:

  • Gum Disease
  • Snoring
  • Being single
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
For details, cut and paste the following link to your URL.

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Pets - free and not so free

Over the years, we kept some pets... fish, dog, etc. Then, we also have "visitors" who may got themselves temporarily caged.
I called this free ranging birds my pet since will will freely come into my house and help themselves to whatever food it can find. Otherwise, they will happily sit around branches just outside the house.
This free ranging iguana wondered into the wrong house and got itself caged! This fellow is about a foot long but don't underestimate iguana, it is quite clever. It definitely knows how to escape from the cage!
This iguana was about three feet long and it also came to the wrong place and got itself temporary imprisoned. We set it free after a few months. Iguanas are perfect tree climber. Their claws are sharp and can latch itself to branches without problem. This species are not local but came from Central America.
Ok, my puppy. I have two of these very cute puppies to be given away. If you think you can look after them, please give me a message on 012 878 2007.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Illegal business activities and corruption exposed ...

Taib Mahmud recent video expose made by an international NGO, Global Witness.

The video showed in details how corruption and illegal activities are being carried out.

A lawyer friend told me yesterday that this is a case that cannot be denied. And he laughed! The lawyer who spoke in the video is exposing something really serious!

I like the closing remark made by CM, pointing to his head, "Over 30 years, anybody can get rich if they have something up there! But if they don't have it, there is nothing we can do!" What an arrogant comment! So, if you are not striking rich by the time you are say, 40 or 50, you have nothing up there, ie, 90+% of the population are stupid.
The next video is the comment by Transparency International Josie M. Fernandez on Corruption in Sarawak

Click here to go and sign a petition asking for a commission of inquiry be set up into corruption in Sarawak.

... And this is the response from Taib about Global Witness video:

And here is the link to Global Witness on shadow state in Malaysia. Click here for all their videos.

Latest Global Witness video on the above case released yesterday

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meritz Hotel, Parkson and GSC Grand Opening

Today, we saw the opening of an important landmark in Miri, ie, the official opening of Meritz Hotel, Parkson and GSC by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Taib.

CM signing the opening of Meritz Hotel.
A souvenir.  Yes, the plate is real.
Outside view of the Meritz Hotel.
More photos can be viewed on my facebook. Click here.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Attempted Murder and Fire in Miri Today

This normally peaceful town of Miri is once again disturbed by attempted murder and fire happening just 3+ hours of each other.

First, fire raze to the ground an unoccupied house opposite Orient Pacific Hotel (next to Selera). By the time the fire engine arrived at the scene, the fire was already burning at its maximum fiery.

Secondly, at about 4+PM, a man was seriously hurt at Bintang Plaza outside Meritz Hotel. He suffered two serious gunshot wounds, one which grazed his right cheek and another one hitting his eye.

Read more:

Photo above is from This photo is taken from Meritz hotel.

More photos here. All above photos are not taken by me but by the respective links I gave.
This is Bintang Plaza. I have no further details. Please read in the paper tomorrow.