Thursday, March 21, 2013

Illegal business activities and corruption exposed ...

Taib Mahmud recent video expose made by an international NGO, Global Witness.

The video showed in details how corruption and illegal activities are being carried out.

A lawyer friend told me yesterday that this is a case that cannot be denied. And he laughed! The lawyer who spoke in the video is exposing something really serious!

I like the closing remark made by CM, pointing to his head, "Over 30 years, anybody can get rich if they have something up there! But if they don't have it, there is nothing we can do!" What an arrogant comment! So, if you are not striking rich by the time you are say, 40 or 50, you have nothing up there, ie, 90+% of the population are stupid.
The next video is the comment by Transparency International Josie M. Fernandez on Corruption in Sarawak

Click here to go and sign a petition asking for a commission of inquiry be set up into corruption in Sarawak.

... And this is the response from Taib about Global Witness video:

And here is the link to Global Witness on shadow state in Malaysia. Click here for all their videos.

Latest Global Witness video on the above case released yesterday

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