Friday, March 08, 2013

Attempted Murder and Fire in Miri Today

This normally peaceful town of Miri is once again disturbed by attempted murder and fire happening just 3+ hours of each other.

First, fire raze to the ground an unoccupied house opposite Orient Pacific Hotel (next to Selera). By the time the fire engine arrived at the scene, the fire was already burning at its maximum fiery.

Secondly, at about 4+PM, a man was seriously hurt at Bintang Plaza outside Meritz Hotel. He suffered two serious gunshot wounds, one which grazed his right cheek and another one hitting his eye.

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Photo above is from This photo is taken from Meritz hotel.

More photos here. All above photos are not taken by me but by the respective links I gave.
This is Bintang Plaza. I have no further details. Please read in the paper tomorrow.


matthew said...

Miri is no more a safe place to live.

William said...

Yes, it can be quite rough! Stay at home more... :)