Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No No No to MCA Dr. Ng Yen Yen

Sometimes, I just wonder why some politician still don't learn their lesson! It looks like when credibility is gone, they might as well step down rather than trying to convince the crowd. If I am in that position, I do not know where to hide!
The politicians have in general forgotten the power of alternative media until 2008 election. Now, I think they are trying to control all the media but still, it is going to be a really rough journey. Only way out is to emerge from living in the dark to the light. Put right what has been wrong. They have 5 years to do that and I think they have failed miserably.

The current government has been giving political talk during this CNY at every possible opportunity. But will it work? Will the people listen?


matthew said...

They are also cari makan.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Sibu
Your blog's verse from the Bible is interesting. Not all Christians are heads. Anyway, some Christians yes, yes, yes. So question is the yes is for what ? For God ? For Barisan Nasional ? It is not right to poison the minds of Christians. It is right to pray and to ask the Holy Spirit to convict one's heart. The Bible also tells Christians to submit to authorities. And remember there are Christians on both sides. Are they going to fight since God tells them to love their enemies ? A fellow Christian your enemy in politics ? Another flip flop way of thinking. Does God contradict Himself ?