Monday, February 25, 2013

Mini video of Lutong from the bridge

Recently, I went to Lutong to have my car exhaust fixed. While waiting, I went over the Lutong bridge to take a short video and I also walked around the new yet to be opened MYY Mall to shoot some still photos. The objective is to let those who have not been to Lutong to see the development going on in the area.

For those who had been using Lutong road to go to work, you would be pleased to know that the road is finally made wider, a mini roundabout is built to replace the junction leading to Jalan Shell. The Shell station at Lutong is now replaced with a Petronas Station. Enjoy this 1.5 minutes mini video. Hope you like it.
  Now that my new camera is video capable, you may request me to shoot those areas you would like to see.


matthew said...

Dear Brother,
Do you know how to shoot music video and edit with captions?
Please let me know if you can provide such services and also how much the charge is.

William said...

Matthew, I don't have the audio equipment to do a proper job. Putting on subtitles can be done easily with movie maker.

RwPhotography said...

i miss Miri! Thanks for posting photos of Miri and the activities.

William said...

RwPhotography, long time no see! I hope you are doing fine in KL?!

RwPhotography said...

hey im fine. just couldn't find time to get online often like i used to. I have many photos to share though. will update from time to time.