Thursday, January 03, 2013

Humour from Google Translate

I am not good in Chinese. So, I tried Google translate hoping to cut and paste all the relevant Chinese characters to make up a proper sentence.

So here it goes and have a good laugh to lighten your heart:

He fries very well 他薯条非常好 (Something like "He is an excellent French fries")
With one grammatical error, I entered:
He fry very well 他炒得很 (He fries very .... incomplete translate. So, I change a bit)
He fry very good 他是非常好的鱼苗 (He is an excellent fish fry (baby fish))


matthew said...

Gosh,after I read this,I just could not stop laughing.My stomach almost burst.

William said...

HAHAHA...I don't want to see anyone being hurt by Google Translate.

lasapka said...

try type kanasai

William said...

lasapka, no translation ler! What is that word?!