Sunday, December 30, 2012

What do you dislike most at Shell petrol station?

When arriving at a petrol station, one thing that annoy me most is ...
"Harap maaf pump angin sedang bidaiki", ie, air pump is not functioning.

At one time, instead of pumping air into my tyre, it almost releases all the air!

And in Miri, the Shell Shin Yang Station at Pujut seems to have a broken air pump which is never repaired. Their petrol pumps also seem to be set to dripping mode and it pumps so slowly. I have since stopped going to this station.

The other thing that annoyed me most is "Sorry, no more diesel". Looks like someone is siphoning diesel to somewhere! This is a global issue, ie, not limited to Shell station.

So, if you have a deflated tyre and you see a Shell Station, don't be too happy. Because most Shell stations have non functioning air pump in Miri!


lasapka said...

Dont use air pump, go tyre shop get proper nitrogen pump better + safe.

Anonymous said...

I agree, change to nitrogen. That's what I did and just regularly go over to the tire shop that did the change for refills and checks.

Several reasons for that; nitrogen is inert and won't expand much, less prone to contraction and expansion due to heat, and if you consistently visit that shop, you are getting consistent pressures since all pumps at any petrol station may be inconsistent.

William said...

I heard about Nitrogen. Still unsure as the air seems to leak.

But my car is older than most of my younger friends ... I think 31 years old now.

Anonymous said...

Nitrogen not needed, not worth it.... unless you drive a McLaren. It is just marketing hype. Air is good enough for normal use.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

When you have a soft tyre, go straight to a car accessory shop or a tyre shop. Is there a conspiracy theory here? But I am happy with the tyre shop near Telang Usang Hotel. Highly recommended.

lasapka said...

WT, give it a try. it is not just about safety, it's also serve comfort.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I get my nitrogen refills free when I changed my tyres. What's that about not worth what?

When the tyre gets hot the air inside expands. If you overpressurized the tyre then you risk it blowing while going at speed.

When I go for the refill at the shop, they will also spot anything wrong with the tyres and tell me if there are any major problems.

So win/win in my opinion.

No, my car is not a mclaren.

William said...

Surely, nitrogen has advantages from scientific point of view. You wait until I got a new car. This old car is giving me enough problems.