Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Shoot Firework Photo

In view of the new year countdown, and the beautiful firework display, below is a guideline on how to shoot firework.

  1. Use a tripod
  2. Be on site early to secure a good spot
  3. You may use landscape or portrait format. The choice is really yours
  4. Exposure setting:
    For digital compact, use firework mode if there is one

    For DSLR: Use B mode if available. Shutter will remain open as long as the shutter release button remain pressed. A good way is to use a black card to cover the lens. When firework goes off, take off the card and put it back on as appropriate.

    Set Aperture between 8 to 16.
  5. Use the lowest ISO available
  6. Focus - use manual mode.

After a few practice, I hope you get good pictures. Otherwise, fine tune the setting.
eg, if too bright, set apperture to a higher value, etc.


henryting said...

thank for yr good tuitor. but i only has a compact camera always use auto mode. can take good pic too ?

William said...

Henry, I think it is possible. Just need to learn a bit more about your camera.