Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shell Hari Raya Open House

Food... food... food... everywhere is food! That is one of the good things about open house! It is a time for fun and chat and meet your friends.

Add ImageI just realise that all my boys love the fruit (buah Salak) on the left. Thanks to my reader who gave me the name of the fruit. Looks like assam!

All time favorite - Satay!

Looks like noodle, and yet it is not. It is called roti jala - a lacy Malay pancake eaten with...

... chicken curry, it tastes wonderful! Unfortunately my tummy is limited in size. Otherwise, I could have consumed a pot! Thanks to my reader who gave me the name of this dish!

The children enjoyed themselves ...

Kuih lepis ... layered cake. This cake is very tedious to make.

The two balls are kuih mo mo... simple to make... flour, sugar, butter and ghee. Kuih mo mo is a local favorite too.

Food... more food!

Their costume looks great... Hari Raya is a happy occasion. A time to forgive as well!

He is from Perak and played the bagpipe. Special invitation. His costume is first class!

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Glynis said...

hey .... those boys are my students lah ...