Saturday, April 16, 2011

Election Campaign 2011

Today, the state of Sarawak goes to the poll. Who will win, no one knows until this evening. I took quite a few pictures of the election campaign. I attached them here for your enjoyment.
Opposition asked for change. This poster is placed in the most strategic location.
Some from SUPP/BN
Opposition asked people to take any incentive money offered but vote for DAP.
Poster by SUPP/BN
BN Supporter
Vote for BN=vote for stability; Vote for DAP=Vote for lies....

Change... but Miri has already undergone big change!
Someone masked the face of the "emperor", etc. This one is by DAP.
Huge poster on the slope.
Promoting a healthy Miri....
BN posters had too many words!
These posters had too many words. No one got the time to read them.

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matthew said...

reformasi.change for a betterment tomorrow.All sarawakians are great and superb.