Wednesday, April 27, 2011

S.O.X. All-Stars Drum and Dance '11

On Sunday, SOX DRUM AND DANCE 2011 organised by Celcom attracted some 1000 audiences at the 3rd level of Boulevard Hypermarket. Seven teams from East Malaysia competed for an opportunity to go to KL for the finale. One team came all the way from Sabah, SM Shan Tao and another team from Green Road Secondary School in Kuching who came together with a bus load of supporters.
All-Stars Drum & Dance™, where the very best and determined high school cheering and drumline teams will compete to earn the bragging rights of being the country’s best, plus the GRAND PRIZE of RM5000!
Mr Wong of SMK Chung Hua Miri came with his award winning team. When asked how he felt, he replied that he felt very very proud and excited to participate in this competition. He has good reason to feel that way ...
... because his team was highly energized, and just look at his cheering team...
... they were the most noisy group. As the MC correctly said, they also cheer for other teams!
This team was from Green Road Secondary School in Kuching. They travelled some 800KM (16 hours) by road all the way from Kuching! Their team was about 40+ strong ...
... lead by two adults. When interviewed, Kester (left) said that he is very excited with the  competition.
MC Loco. He is a fantastic MC!
Panel of judges.
This team was from St. Columba, Miri.
... SMK St. Joseph of Miri.
... Green Road Secondary School, Kuching.
Highly lively team, SMK Chung Hua...
... the crowd gone wild!
This team was from SM Shan Tao, Sabah.
The SMK Lutong team.
Riam Road Secondary School
After the first round of competition, there was a break and these two entertained us with their most lively play.
SMK Chung Hua was declared winner and they are automatically qualified for KL competition.
Now... Team Challenge!
St Columba team "charged forward"!
SMK Chung Hua Team had been preparing hard and they wanted to perform the "challenge" for the judges to comment!
Again the supporter went wild. SMK Chung Hua did a very good job.
The judge gave his constructive comment which I thought was very good.
Celcom did a good job in promoting this type of event. It is something new, healthy, entertaining and promote creativity.

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