Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beware and beware of job scam...

I received job offers in the last one week. They look genuine but they are actually scam!! One from and this is a scam site! They use the email address:

How do I know that this is a scam? He signed off as:
Colston, Arlo
Adecco UK

BUT.... the reply email is No company will use an email address with different domain name, ie, job4u against Adecco!

If in doubt, do a search in google!

We are currently looking to recruit Engineers, Admin Officers, Accountants, Project Managers, Translators, Developers, Business Analysts and more! Adecco is a recruitment provider, working with some of the most exciting companies in the UK.

If you are a skilled worker willing to live and work in the UK, Adecco can provide you with that opportunity.

Send us your Resume/CV in reply to this notice.


Colston, Arlo
Adecco UK

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