Saturday, August 18, 2012

Murder in Sibu. Is life that cheap?!

Price of life: Dead RM38,000 (US$12K), disability: RM28K (US$9K). Wait... apparently this was the price set by a young wife on her young (31) and successful husband! How pathetic!
Recently, there were a few murder cases in Sarawak, one each in Kuching, Sibu and lately in Miri. When I read the news about this particular case in Sibu, I was shocked to see the price placed on his head. The worst part is that, it was set by his wife as was reported in the news.
So, being a little nosy, I asked if anyone knew why she was doing this:
Version 1: The bank manager husband found that she had an affair with a car salesman. So he threatened the boyfriend and the boyfriend looked for someone to fix it!
Version 2: The marriage was on the rock and the husband sensed his life was in danger. So he willed everything to his own parents and only son.
Version 3: The husband willed everything to his parents and only son. The wife found out and was very angry. So, she decided to finished him off!
Anymore version from anyone?
Update, 24 Aug 2012
Now that 6 people had been arrested, police released 3 as potential witnesses. The wife, boyfriend and the young guy who carried out the killing are still in custody.
The reporter asked the three released suspects for comments. They said: "Greed and stupidity - 贪愚!


matthew said...

Alert for those man.

Matthew said...

The message should be....
Alert for those,man.

William said...

Alert?! Someone close can be so dangerous!