Friday, August 24, 2012

IEEE Electronic Exhibition, Curtin

This morning marked the official opening of the 2012 IEEE Electronic Exhibition at Curtin, Miri. 
 A famous local philanthropist, Mr Hii King Chiong  officiated the opening ceremony.
 Later, he toured around the exhibition boots.
Ah Jon, my son, has three tables of museum equipment for exhibition, ranging from the largest core memory ever made by Ampex, see picture above. This is probably the only such piece of equipment around in Malaysia. I actually have two of these but one had gone missing.
I encourage all students and anyone interested in electronic, do pay Curtin a visit (recreation hall). It will close tomorrow, Saturday.
More photos on my facebook.


matthew said...

Your boy is like-father-like-son.Very

William said...

Haha... actually my boys look just like me when I was young. Thanks for your compliment. I hope they can focus on their studies.