Sunday, August 05, 2012

Lin Dan beat Chong Wei 21-19 at the 3rd round

I don't normally watch games on TV but tonight, my three sons were very excited about the London Olympic badminton game played by two world's giants, Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. 
In Beijing 2008 Olympics final, Lin Dan dominated and claimed victory over Chong Wei. This time round, we all thought that Chong Wei will win. I personally think that he did a very good job and he really tried very hard. At the third round, the score was very close but finally someone must win. Lin Dan claimed victory again over our Chong Wei with a 21-19 score!
 Whatever, Chong Wei, congratulations. You definitely didn't let Ling Dan off too easily this time round.
And of course, congratulation to the all happy Lin Dan. You did China proud again.
By the way, someone dropped dead watching the game at a coffee shop in Kuching after the final score came out!


Dona D. Doni said...

its Lin Dan, not Ling Dan.. :-)

William said...

Of course! Thanks.

Matthew said...

Malaysian Badminton hero,
You are great;
Never shed a tear.
We love you.
You make Malaysia popular.
Jalur Gemilang proudly be shown .
We love you,Hero Lee.

lasapka said...

NJ early early no promise for a holiday so lcw no win lot....