Monday, February 18, 2013

Miss Chin "returned" to the school!

In a freak accident yesterday, a young teacher of Riam Road Secondary School, was apparently crashed to death by her own car. Full story here at See Hua Daily.
The story did not end here. Apparently, this morning, she "returned" to her school and was waiting at the bus stop outside the school gate. A transition (remove) class girl who arrived at the school gate at 5:30AM found Miss Chin calling her, not knowing that she was already dead, went over. Miss Chin gave this girl a hug and the girl found her a little unusual as her eyes (and face) were dark and hands very cold! Miss Chin then instructed her to come to the staff room later.
At about 7:30AM, this girl went to the staff room but Miss Chin was "not around". She returned later and looked for Miss Chin again. Then she was told that Miss Chin is "no more around"! BUT... she just hugged her in the morning!
Note that Miss Chin was close to this girl.
Ok, read the full story tomorrow by buying one of the Chinese papers. I think the news will be on all major papers! If I have any more details, I will update this entry.

(Update: This girl actually studies in transition class and not Form 1.)

Update: So the news was splashed over the front page of See Hua today:

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