Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miss Chin Laid to Rest

This morning, Miss Chin, the teacher from Riam Road Secondary School (RRSS), was laid to rest at Lambir Chinese Cemetery.

A lot of students from RRSS came to the funeral from 8:00-10:00AM. The father of Miss Chin was grateful that so many students came to pay their last respect. The father also reminded his deceased daughter not to return to the school and appear to any more student, which may frighten the student.

It was rumoured in town that RRSS is haunted. I need to clarify here that the school is not haunted. Haunting  is done by spirit or ghost of unknown nature. This one is a once off case where a deceased teacher miss the school and students so much that she decided to come back for a visit. :)

May she rest in peace! Many students shall miss her teaching as I heard that she was a good teacher and well liked by students she taught.

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