Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY 2013 PM Visit to Miri

Last night, PM, Sarawak CM and other VVIPs  visited  Miri and a dinner for just over 500 tables were served to guest whose attendants, I think was an impressive 85%.

Of course, there were speeches, first by Dato Sebastian Ting, YB Chin, Sarawak CM, PM, etc. Of course this was a golden opportunity for a political talk with everyone emphasis on why we should vote for BN. Please refer to mainstream newspaper for details. However, my job is to show you photos for the event ...
 PM watched his short advertisement and he was so happy!
 Upon arrival and seated ... the beautiful and powerful!
 You can see that the hall is quite full.
 After the last event, presentation of gifts by the various organisations, to the PM for grants and donations, they left the hall...
 She looks tired and stressed. She was quite busy on the mobile during the evening.
 She is so cheerful ... I asked her to smile and she did!
 Did he lose weight?
 Her dress is definitely very nice!
Ah... I didn't realised that I have selected two of her photos. I knew that a lot of people have their lens pointing at her during the evening!

More photos my facebook.

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