Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Indonesian Maid Violently Tossing a Baby

The session court in Kuantan jailed this Indonesian maid, Yuliana, 24, to 20 years jail.
She pleaded guilty to the charge of attempted murder and physical abuse of four-month-old Mohamed Hareez Mohamed Zamri at his parents’ home in Kuantan.

I think this girl is probably unstable mentally.

However, looking at the above video makes me wonder why she is doing this thing knowing very well that the whole action was being recorded.

So, do you still think you can trust someone with your baby?


matthew said...

This video should be sent to High Commission of the nation of this maid.

Anonymous said...

Noting that ARE MSIANS workers or employers in DIRE need of such ppl to come to the country to work?
These type of people are not mentally unstable, they are here as if they are employers or taukay neo than workers!
Bail them all out until they have no food!

The video should ask their President to see their country man!