Monday, February 11, 2013

Lunar (Chinese) New Year, 2013, Miri

Comparing to 2012, we definitely find the number of people at the night market to be overwhelming. And food is definitely not cheap either! However, one thing that is still free for me is to watch people playing ...
... firework. My son and myself went over to Krokop 9 to watch the above. Just in case you are interested to know how I shoot this firework: Mount camera on tripod, set ISO to lowest, Set Shutter speed to 4-8 sec and aperture to 8-22. You need to experiment to get ideal result.
Fish seems to be a must and just look at the price! It is beyond the reach of many people. I almost fainted seeing the price increased by at some 50-100%!
The price of tiger prawn is an amazing RM100-120/kg! But still people buy them.
See the number of people in the street. You can't even walk through! So, I gave up.
The usual performances at King's Street. It seems that the crowd was much bigger than previous year.

I have posted more photos on my facebook. Click here.

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