Thursday, April 24, 2014

Graduation Photography Services for Curtin University Sarawak

Curtin University graduation is coming up round the corner. As for this year, there are many who asked me to take graduation photo for them. After looking through the price offered to them, no wonder many are looking outside. However, there is just one issue... the package offered by the official photographer bundle the certificate presentation with their graduation portrait. As a matter of fact, the certificate presentation photo is considered non essential in all oversea universities which I came across. No one is allowed to take those photos and only the official photographer, standing at one corner. But, no one actually asked to order the photo! So, if we can break this barrier of viewing this certificate presentation as unimportant, then whether the photo is bundled or not becomes unimportant.

I have approached Curtin to let me use one of their lecture rooms so that I can set up my studio. So far, this has been rejected because of obvious reason.... as I request too late!

With or without studio, I have no big problem to turn a photo taken literally anywhere into studio style... as long as I am the one taking it! Someone told me that their hair will all be "trimmed"! No worry... this is the smallest problem I need to worry about as it can be seen from the sample photos below.

Studio style photos where you may choose one of the available backgrounds I have:
The family of my friend taken outside the graduation hall!
The photos above were taken just outside the graduation hall. I have to turn this into "studio style" shooting, perhaps with the hope that the result is even better than those taken in studio.

The photos below were taken outside and I turned them into studio style:
This is my eldest daughter, Esther. 

This is my youngest daughter, Janice.

Photos taken outside with nature and with friends:


i) Packages:
Package A: two 8Rs of the same graduand (eg: self + family) + high quality frame + 2 4R + soft copy of images.

Package B: two 11Rs of the same graduand + high quality frame + 2 4R + soft copy of image.

ii) Non-package:
  1. Studio style: 8R (8"x12") (laminated + editing for up to 3 persons)
  2. Non-studio style: Portrait taken outside around the university 8R: (laminated, no editing
Please msg me on facebook for prices.

  • Other sizes are available.
  • If printing beyond 16"x24" is required, please inform me in advance, ie, before shooting to ensure excellent printing quality.
  • Booking: Please book with me on 012 8782007 or 012 302 0178 or
  • Outstation delivery: Separate charge for PosLaju.
  • Full payment in cash during ordering
  • Delivery can be up to three weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Freelance shooting, how we hire u?
May be can give us a bit of your price. Say if shooting for whole series in the wedding day, graduating and festival time.
If not a bit for us to decide.

Your children are so beautiful and intelligent.
Well shoot photos.