Thursday, April 24, 2014

Con man on the loose in Sarawak ... beware!

A word of warning to everyone:

There is a gang of con man (骗子)and con women who work in group of 3-4. I was told that there are 3 women and a man. 

First, one of them will approach you and talk to you. Once you look into the eyes, somehow you are hypnotized instantly (催眠) and from then on, you will just follow instruction!!

They will ask you to withdraw money. When you are at the bank counter, a woman (one of the gang members) will hit your shoulder - from there on, you will follow everything she said including withdrawing everything you have!

You will remain in a daze for up to 3 days not knowing what you have done!!!

A friend in Miri was conned of RM100K! So be warned of this gang! This friend of mine knew about not looking into the eyes!! And yet got conned!

In today's paper, there is one case in Bintulu (RM64K)and one in Sibu (RM39+K). They take both jewelry and cash! They will get you to withdraw even fixed deposit!

Share this warning out so that more people are aware of it. Perhaps, you shouldn't carry your bank book, too many ATM cards and FD certificates with you! Perhaps as precaution, you should leave FD cert with someone you trust.


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Anonymous said...

One Sunday, my friend just put on a bit more nicely without her hubby as he went to buy newspaper. Okay, this lady just walked a few steps, a middle aged woman called her, aunty aunty.. my friend thought what was she following already n yet called so sweety. My friend stopped and snared at her and that woman even prompted to touch her, but she said her face as fierce as a tigress that she frightened that woman and also my friend spoke to her in mandarin, "I never know you, what do you want?" In split seconds, can you imagine, my friend turned around again to see if she was following, the woman disappeared to no where!!!!!
Could you believe it?????????????? From the accent, that woman is a chinese national!!!!!