Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Day My Neighbourhood Disappear

I just realised that it has been almost three month since I last update a post here. I have been on hiatus as my right arm had been in severe pain and hence I hardly took any photos, could hardly type and cannot hold a mouse to edit any photo. Never mind, that is behind me now! I am now back!
Yesterday, my son took the picture below. We saw a huge smog moving across the sea line in Miri. Someone had been doing open burning again!
This morning, pungent smell and ....
I looked out of my balcony and my neighbourhood disappeared! This is not the magic of David Copperfield!
Visibility is at a very dangerous level. Will all flights be cancelled this morning?
Yesterday, we saw Anwar being sentenced to 5 years jail for alleged sodomy. One commentators said that it should not even be a crime. But whatever, we shall see whether anyone is being charged for open burning here!


Anonymous said...

This is so sad!

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see you back . . . I was getting worried!
Best regards, David Elford.

William said...

David, thanks and good to see you here!

I am still very much alive. The pain in my arm immobilized me for almost 4 months! Be careful, age is catching up!

Anonymous said...

OMG, your headline was so misleading to my thoughts! thought your neighbour was abscorned!!!

Wish you good health and prosperity,