Monday, April 28, 2014

More scam warning ....

Another warning from me....

I just got a call from a bank.

A recorded message is played and told me that I have a transaction outstanding which needs approval, or something like that. There is no physical person talking but instructed me to press various numbers for ....

As usual, I couldn't understand the message due to poor recording and I hangup.

My wife told me that there is such a scam. As reported in the local newspaper, a businessman received such a call and was conned not long ago by following the instructions to press certain number which led to the leaking of personal information. Apparently, the conman has knowledge of some of his personal information (IC, account number, etc) which made the call very convincing.

Upon checking, we found that the telephone number displayed on my mobile is a valid 24-hour number from the bank on their website. So, is this an inside job or is it some high tech conman who can replicate another phone number?

Please be warned and share this message if you wish. Remember, never give out personal information over the phone.

p/s: Be warned about the scam regarding some Shell lucky draw.

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Anonymous said...

This is the link, I searched into the net about my anger once n that link helps too.

Mr Ting, as a reader to your blog, thank you for sharing. Nowadays, not only like that, I also received many calls using handphone numbers and also with 03 and then even the internet line is used and without our knowledge not more to say hacking into computers and lines and emails.
In my mail box, there are asking updates of, public bank, RHB and etc. Fun was that I never have any account with all those said banks!

Those are the ppl with the tech to do such things and knowledge that they either have insider work and spread around like viruses.