Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Maxis mobile cost saving tip

If you have Maxis mobile and you find that overseas/international calls are very expensive, why not try using their Internet phone facility? The sound quality is still as good.

To use their Internet calling facility, just dial 132 before you dial the phone number:

Dial [132][00][Country Code][Area code][Phone number]
[00] is optional

Check out their price here for the various countries

For calling Brunei from East Malaysia, it cost only 0.165 cents every 30 seconds.
Calling Singapore is just RM0.25 for every 30 seconds.


lasapka said...

Just hook on wifi or get a local mobile unlimited 3G package to make Voip call lah...

William said...

lasapka... true. But I just want to make one call, this is too complicated.

But on the other hand, you have a point also especially for those who love to message. You can now subscribe and cost just over RM3 per year for unlimited SMS. But for this, you need 3G.