Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My legs turned jelly just by watching

How safety concious are you? For the sake of survival, are you willing to gamble your life away. I was witnessing these four guys trying to hang up a sign board. Just by watching I felt that numbing feeling on both of my legs. They must be 30 feet above ground and worse, the ladders they use were rather small and the persons holding onto the ladders pay no attention at all. One even walked away!
Did you notice that both ladders were slanting? I went over to tell the guy in red and he said that he knows. I wish I could issue a stop work order like in Shell.
Life seems to be so worthless! Love your life and work safely. Your loved ones are waiting for your return in the evening.


wenn said... first!

matthew said...

Tragedy always happens because of human's fault,be it naive or ignorance of the potential danger.I have that eerie feelings just by looking at the pic you took.How can the boss be so cruel or merciless to his workers?Or are they the batman ?Really have to fine the employers heavily for not being paying genuine concern over the workers'safety and also public liability?Who can guarantee no passers-by will be hurt in case the workers fall down from such a height?

lasapka said...

of course they know it's danger but they just dont see it.

Anonymous said...

Life is priceless and yet you see people taking safety lightly. Taking electrical isolation as an example, they never bother to isolate the main supply before termination of wires. To them it is ok to do that.

William said...

Whatever it is said here, the government must implement laws so that the employers follow (or there is law already?). True that the employees had no choice and we can blame the employers but they always have cost and profit before safety.

I just find it unacceptable for unnecessary lost of life when they can be prevented.