Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bulatan Park is Hard Hat Area

My walking buddies at Bulatan Park decided to wear safety helmet in order to proof a point.... 
Ever wonder why?
While walking at the park, they need to watch out for projectile from above ... it is not bird dropping... but
.. flying dried branches! The other day, dry branches broke off and came crashing to the path below just in front of me! Small branches may not cause a great deal of physical hurt but they were all quite big which is a safety hazard.
A closer look reviewed that there are quite a lot of dry branches and they can come crashing down any time.  Some are very big and some are small. Whatever, they are hazard!
This entrance had never been level and always collect water after rain. The road is slippery and also a slip hazard.
When can the authority instruct the park maintenance people to pull down dry branches instead of chopping off harmless palm leaves before anyone is hurt? Don't forget to level this stretch of road.

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