Thursday, April 05, 2012

Dead granddad wanted grandson to teach him PC skill

I read this news from See Hua Daily today. It was reported that a young man decided to give an "offering" of laptop computer to the deceased grandfather during the Ching Min.
Now, the dead grandfather spoke to the youth in his dream that he doesn't know how to use the laptop and would need him to "go down" to teach him. This scared the shit out of the youth and he fell sick the next day causing the family to seek treatment from medium and all kind of medicine men ... east and west!
Lesson learnt ... don't give any "offering" to the dead if they don't know how to use it when they were alive.


lasapka said...

dead or alive are same, give money is da best!

matthew said...

But I thought Steve Job could help.

William said...

lasapka, you are right. No one needs to be taught on how to use money.

Matthew, true. How can that boy forgot. He should told him that there are many computer geek down there!