Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is your earning any match for inflation?

When I first arrived in Miri back in 1980, a fresh graduate could earn about RM1,000. For those lucky fews who managed to work for oil and gas company, the starting pay was RM1,800. So, I use my first month pay to buy a Honda Cub, a 90 CC motorcycle. Petrol cost was about RM5 per week. I used that for some 3 years before I bought my first car, a Toyota GL 1300cc. I remember the salesman called Mr. Tan Seng of Toyota convinced me that new stock would cost more. So, that car cost me RM19K. I used it until today. I am not convinced that I need to change car.
Anyway, I am talking about today. Starting graduate pay for private company is between RM1000-2000, ie, hardly any better compare to 30 years ago. So, see the prices of fish in Miri now...
A type of ikan kampong. Used to cost RM2/kg or RM5 for 3 kg... now, RM10/kg
This slightly bigger plaice cost RM14/kg. Used to cost RM2.5/kg.
Local mackerel cost a staggering RM16/kg. This particular species used to cost RM2-3/kg also.
This small dark skinned species also cost about RM2-3/kg during the good old days.
Ok, this one is the small tiny type. Used to be very cheap also. I never bought this but I think it was about RM5/kg.
Cray fish at RM16/kg and if you ever pay for this price, you get a heap of shell and a tiny bit and pieces of flesh. You are better off eating prawn! Not popular during the good old days.
Sting ray at RM8/kg. I know that this scaleless fish is not good for eating. But it cost between RM8-10/kg. Used to be RM1 per piece!
Ok, this is the small plaice which is used to be very cheap. It is about 4 inches across. Now... RM10/kg.
oh... RM8/kg. I think it was RM1/kg before.
When I was in primary school, I bought this fish for my neighbour for their cats. RM1 will buy a big bag!
Again, this fish was very cheap...
Also another cheap fish which fetch good prices now.
ok, this sea cat fish is a scavenger and no one wanted to buy them. Until today, I still won't eat this fish. But it is now sold for RM6/kg!!
I noticed that the prices of fish shot up a few years ago when the prices of diesel gone up to RM1.80/litre. But the government  subsidized their diesel and the prices of fish still remain high! What is happening?
Compare these prices with developed countries, eg, UK, our ability to buy fish is even worse than them.
Perhaps I should become a fisherman!

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suituapui said...

Time to tighten our belts...but you're so thin already. Poor thing!