Tuesday, April 05, 2011

What can our gov't buy for RM1,000,000+?

Recently, Miri had just commissioned two pedestrian overhead bridges at a cost of more than RM2,000,000 as reported in the newspaper. So, I was curious as to what is so special about the bridge. Why it cost so much...
... so special? The landing at the end of the stairs was not cemented or tar sealed. At the moment, it is covered by "platform" made from plywood. So, very soon, the plywood will rot and the users have to step on wet/muddy road surface.
The concrete steps were done crudely... bare concrete! The bolts and nuts were just screwed on and they are not protected against metal thieves. So, one evening, thief may just remove all the nuts with a spanner. The welding was not the best either. I think it was done by a trainee. If you want to see good welding, see how welding is done for offshore platform!
The only good thing is the stainless steel hand rail. Also, there is no light along the entire stretch of the bridge.  So do expect this place to be dark at night. Ok, there are street lights next to it.
The floor is made from this very ordinary sheet steel which will be subjected to rust and rot. Ok, this whole thing cost more than RM1,000,000. I think it is about RM1.2M. But, what I can but with this money in Miri?
My friend built this 2.5 stories semi-detached house and sold for about RM500-600K. In another word, I could buy two of these houses with spare money to buy furniture. Flooring, paint and lighting were all nicely done. Also, the driveway finished off at the road and not at the drain. See the differences?!


Anonymous said...


beelee said...

well, extras go somewhere else..

Sir sc said...

Well said uncle willliam, I do agree with you. The workman ship is bad & there is no lighting too. Imagine at night, you drive thru & suddenly some was just blind n fall off the bridge..wonder who liable for the dead?

suituapui said...

90% masuk people's pockets mah...

Anonymous said...

oo!!! nice house! anymore for sale?
the overhead bridge costs just six 0s behind, what about the Piasau bridge?

William said...

Sir SC: Commit suicide lah... so no one responsible!

STP: You think so?!

Anonymous: Yes, some more houses. Interested? Just let me know.

Cost of Piasau bridge is unknown.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos there of the lousy workmanship for such high value contract job. At least those who haven't step onto the overhead bridge will know hoe it look like.

Just wondering who is the contractor. Maybe they use some "alibaba" name to register the company to do the job and who knows who are the one controlling the company. Easy money for them.

Anonymous said...

yup, uncle. the extra cash go in somebody's pocket liow.

MCM said...

SPRM where are you all.....silakan siasat.....memang tidak logik ini harga jejantas seburuk itu...berharga RM1.3 million.....x 2 jejantas....lagi berita sila ke > http://wildfox-mansamenoa.blogspot.com/2011/01/jejantas-berharga-rm26-juta-di-miri.html

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