Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rich man poor man ceremah

I just returned from a ceremah by DAP at Boulevard tonight. I noticed...
... that they were speaking from the top of a lorry. But the crowd was quite big!
At the same spot, just opposite the speakers from DAP, I saw a huge hi-tech LED signboard used by SUPP for their "advertisement". The only problem is that all attention was on the DAP speakers.
Look at the crowd for DAP...
DAP was supposed to have their ceremah at this spot which was scheduled to start at 7:00PM. I was told that at 6:30PM, police came telling them that this place has been disapproved. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise because this place will not be able to accommodate the large crowd.
Tomorrow, ceremah will be in town near to Dr. Teoh Clinic. Do go and listen. YB Teresa Kok will talk to the Christian at Imperial Hotel Level 5 between 5-7PM.
I have no news about BN ceremah. If anyone knows, please message me and I will update this information here.


Sir sc said...

Uncle William, why this people never use the Miri City Fan par to do their Talk?

Why must it be at the badly for people to get about?

William said...

Sir sc: very good point. I think organiser should know. But ceremah is supposed to talk, drink, listen, clap, relax ... so around coffee shop is best. Perhaps I call this starter only. Big one at CF. If they organiser a big one at CF and no one turns up ... how?

Anonymous said...

so the rich man's ceramah whose money they used to spend on those high tech screen?