Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mutang Opens his own bookshop @ Merdeka Mall

Mutang came from the 5th division in Sarawak and we were from the same school. Today, I was surprised to meet him at Merdeka Mall and he is opening a bookshop!
He is a lawyer by profession. But in actual fact, he did a few things.
There will be a dedication service for his bookstore tomorrow (Monday 15 Nov) at 10:00AM. Everyone is welcomed. His stock of books were stuck in the custom. I hope they will be released soon.
He planted apples at the highland in Limbang. The supply cannot meet demands and we in Miri will not be able to sample them.
Every week we go to Merdeka Mall, we see addition. 
Full house at this cybercafe.
There are many eating stores.
Temporary store is everywhere. This group is selling induction cooker.


Twilight said...

Oh dear it's tough to run a bookstore but it's fun to be able to read everything for free yourself. I had a trendy book store once.

suituapui said...

Good luck to your friend...

William said...

Twilight: I hope he made it. I know that it is not easy.

STP: Thanks. He needs all the blessings from God.