Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day for proud parents

When Stephanie graduated in this year, we could not attend her graduation ceremony. However, as parents, we always wanted to share this proud moment with the child. The good thing was that the whole event was broadcast live over the internet and we could view it on our computer screen. We were very excited.
Last week, I was at the graduation ceremony of Fajar International College covering the event by recording it on digital images.
My colleague, Bangga. His son graduated!
My ex-colleague, Julian
Jerald. If there was a prize for the most colourful family, this family would have won! See! Three generations were there. Not many beat them.
My ex-colleague Lily's son graduated. Oop... I forgot to ask her. I think Ameer is her grandson!
Timothy Nawan, whose parents are my colleague.
Congratulations to all!

I have finished uploading all the photos on my facebook. Click here to view.
For the whole week, photos were printed and frame were being made. They should all be ready by evening but it will take me a little time to sort them. If the college is open on Saturday, please be there to collect the photos from 9:00AM to 11:00AM. Otherwise, it will be on Monday. Plesae SMS me or call me on 012-8782007.

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