Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fajar International College Graduation

All the formal photos can now be viewed from my facebook. Click here. More will be posted later.

Last week, I was commissioned to take the photos of the graduating students of Fajar International College in Miri. This year, they have more than 100 students graduating. Congratulations to all the students. Below are just three of the photos. I will post the rest to my face book after I have printed them.
I ordered a set of Elinchrom studio flash. In fact I have the option to go for those made in China which cost just a fraction. But at the end, I was chicken out as reliability and quality are my top priority.
I also ordered a set of background made by Lastolite. The major benefits are the solid colour and studio quality.
Group photo of all the students.
Only part of the photos have been printed. I think I need another 3 days to complete the job. So, it looks like the final product will only be out this Friday. The main obstacle now is the frame maker who won't be able to complete the job within a few days. My apologies for that.


Sarawakiana@2 said... are a real entrepreneur!!
good for you!

William said...

CY: Thanks.

mousie said...

wah... not bad leh...

William said...

Hi mousie, thanks for your encouragement.