Saturday, November 06, 2010

PBC Triathlon 2010

The annual PBC Triathlon 2010 kicked off at 6:40AM after a slight delay.
We saw a record number of participants this year... nearly 150 of them
Some of the young swimmers ...
... and the most senior of all. I think Ray was here for the last two years.
The sea was not kind to them...
... as expected, he emerged from the water first. I believe it took 10 minutes longer than last year.
Next, the professional from Czech Republic. Someone told me that she is world number 24.
The rough sea faced them when they got in and again when they were getting out of the water!
... next the cycling.
... and the storm arrived. The wind was strong and the rain was heavy as most of the participants were in the last part, ie, the run.
... As expected, she came in first.
As most of our participants were in team, she did it all on her own!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Nice photos!!

Christine Lalo said...

Really nice photos. I would like to have some of the photos.How do I contact you?

Christine Lalo.

William said...

CY: Thanks

Christine: You may call me on +6012 8782007

Twilight said...

That was a tough activity! I wish I have the stamina..

Anonymous said...

Smashing shots, William!
I think I am the swimmer struggling to make it through the waves back to the beach.
Just wondered if you have any other shots of the day?
Kind regards,

William said...

Twilight: Yes, very tough for you and me. I can't even run 50 meters!

K: Thanks. I saw the huge wave and was waiting for the right moment. Then you came in my focus! I have taken about 200 shots. I will cut CD and I think Alaister will ask who might be interested to order. Each CD will be RM20 to help me cover cost.