Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photography Class

I will be conducting a basic photography class on Saturday morning (20th Nov), teaching you the basic of photography and then how to use your camera. On Sunday afternoon, I will bring you out for a field trip to try out the skill. Please SMS (+6012 878 2007) me if you are interested or drop me an email (williamting@ hotmail.com)
I only accept not more than 10 students.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

I would like to come....but the Foochows will be celebrating their anniversaries (3) this weekend...you might miss some good events...

wenn said...

i want..but too far away :(

suituapui said...

Me too... Too bad so far away!

Vincent said...

can i ask you?
i am using nikon d90
planning to get a portrait lens.
any recommendation from you?

William said...

CY: yalo. I can't skip this event anymore. It has been postponed many times.

wenn: Thanks for your support!

STP: You are more than beginner already! Thanks for your support.

Vincent: Ideal portrait lens should have big aperture to get shallow depth of field and also long enough so it does not distort the face like wide angle lens do.
I think Nikon AF-S Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G is the best lens. The weakness of this lens is the price. The nearest other option is AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D IF . The weakness is the noise and speed of auto focus. Perhaps, the price is another weakness.
You take a look at this page: http://nikon.com.my/products_new.php?categoryid=1021
Portrait lens should be about 80-135mm for good results. I use 50mm during the film era.

Vincent said...

what i am considering now is 50mm f1.8. price is what i am considering.
other option is tamron 18-50mm f2.8

Gabriel said...

wah...i also want...but it's too far away. :(

William said...

Vincent: 50mm is an "economy" version. Yes, you can us it but with f1.8, the effect will not be that "nice". I was using 50mm 1.2 or 1.4 during the film era and the results were good. I never considered 1.8. In my opinion, buying 18-50mm f2.8 for portrait is not a very good idea. But again, I may be wrong as I have never used one before. What is your lens now?

Gab: You are well pass beginner already. :)

Anonymous: The class will be in Miri and the actual venue will be finalised tomorrow. No age limit. I found that younger people are also very good. They only need some guidance to excel.