Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good news on budget 2010

Some good news for budget 2010, eg:

IMPORT duty on approximately 300 items will be abolished to promote Malaysia as Asia’s shopping haven.
The goods are apparel, handbags, shoes, shampoo, suits, children’s apparel, wallets, hair colourants, golf balls, imitation jewellery, talcum powder, curtains, table cloth, blankets, bed sheets, shirts, undergarments, lingerie, nightwear, perfumes and mosquito netting.

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The other good news is the full excise duty exemptions on hybrid cars! So, hold your brake for those are going to buy new car! The prices of these cars are almost the same as in langkawi! By the way, apparently only Honda and Toyota have hybrid cars in Malaysia!

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The only problem now is whether the benefit is going to the consumers or not!


wenn said...

ok, we will wait..wanted to get another toyota car.

flower said...

I think all these are really not that urgent.The more important task is to create more job opportunities for the unemployed and to continue granting subsidies to the basic consumer commodities.

William said...

Wenn: If you know the fuel consumption, you will be excited! Go and ask and maybe update us through your blog.

William said...

flower: the gov announce that they are going to increase the people's income by having mega projects!

Ian said...

Children's apparel is good, but what about baby milk powder / dairy milk? I saw these items increase in insane prices this year. I dunno if this is the whole of Malaysia or just Miri.

No biggie. As I do my shopping for them in Brunei, which not only is somehow immune to these price hikes, but are actually cheaper.

William said...

Ian: I think all dairy products had increased in prices.

Brunei is probably a good place to shop.

I think our off the shelf products are as expensive as in some European or US supermarkets, but the quality here is bad. In fact, our fresh fish is now far too expensive.