Monday, October 18, 2010

Blood donation, are you scared?

Last week, I responded to my friend, Kho from Dayang, for blood donation. I donate blood regularly. Everything has the first time and I must admit that I was a little scare. Then, I realised that the only part that was a little scary was the pricking of the finger for a drop of blood. At that time, the poking was manual and it was a little painful. First, they poked on the finger tip. Now, here is the secret... ask them to poke at the side of the finger tip as it is less painful.
I was the last to arrive. The house was full. 70+ people registered and only 50+ qualify. The blood donation process is quite simple. Fill in a form, register, take blood sample to ensure that you have enough blood, etc. Take your blood pressure. If all cleared...
... a jab of local anesthetic. No pain here! 
Then the big needle is inserted into the vein. Totally no pain due to the above jab!
Secure the needle.
Let the blood flow... until the package is full. For men, it is 1 pint, for ladies, it is less... can't remember how much now.
... done. 
The day's harvest! About 51 packages.
Kho (right) and his staff. Everyone have a treat of some makan and T-shirt of Dayang...
Dayang ultra modern office building at Riam Road.
So will you give blood next time if you have never done before?


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Aiyo....why you didn't tell me about the Dayang Tshirt as bonus leh? Even though we cannot give blood...?

Cyril Dason said...

I dont like needles. Period!

Ive never donated blood, but I do have the intentions. I just dont have the guts... *sigh*

flower said...

I am encouraged to give blood also as it can save many lifes .Hence one of these days I will make sure to turn up for the blood donation.

William said...

CY: hahaha... you should have gone, They could easily harvest 2 pints from you. I will let you know next time thru this blog :)

Cyril: The trick is not to see. Then you are ok. Go go... it is good. Also it gives you instant weight reduction by 1/2 kg!

Flower: Good. It is very satisfying to know that the blood you donate saves life!

winter gurl said...

I really wish can donate my blood . But i really scared and panic when see the red dark blood.

I feel like someone take my life.

Really respected those volunteer who always keep donate blood.

William said...

winter gurl: Just do it. Don't think too much.